Sweet, Spicy Roasted Christmas Snacking Nuts

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I have to confess: I am addicted to this fantastic winter snack. When making them at home, the divine smell will turn your house into a German-style Christmas market. So why not make some mulled wine too? They could also make lovely, handmade gifts, if you fill small cellophane bags or glass jars with them. If you think the measurements in the recipe are dangerously big, and you’d eat them all in one afternoon, just reduce them.



500g mixed nuts: walnuts, almonds and pecans

2 tbsp of Indigo Nutrition Organic Dark Maple Syrup

1 tbsp of honey

2 tbsp of Indigo Nutrition Organic Coconut Sugar

3 tsp of grounded cinnamon

1 tsp of grounded nutmeg

1 tsp of grounded ginger



In a medium pan over low heat, start stirring the maple syrup, the honey and the spices until they form a runny, dark brown mixture. It should only take 2 minutes. Then add the nuts and mix them well, until they are all equally coated and sticky. Transfer them into a roasting tin and sprinkle half of the coconut sugar all over them.


Roast them for 25 minutes on 175C in the pre-heated oven. When ready, sprinkle the rest of the coconut sugar over them and remove them from the tin. Enjoy!



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