Tabs for Good: the Plugin That Lets You Do Good for Free

tabs for good

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Have you been thinking lately, how could you so more to help others in these hard times? But it’s all a little bit tighter for you – actually for most of us – to spare money and time. But how about if I said, that you can help your favourite charity for free, just by using your browser? 

Yep, you’ve read that correctly.

Let me introduce you to Tabs for Good

tabs for good

About Tabs for Good

Tabs For Good is the brain child of Good Loop. Good-Loop is a B-Corp-certified (and Net Carbon Negative) company on a mission to make online advertising a more positive force in the world. 

They have developed Tabs for Good, which is a browser plugin that transforms your internet browsing into donations for a charity of your choice: every browser tab you open with Tabs for Good, an unobtrusive ad will be displayed and 50% of the ad revenue will be donated to a charity of the user’s choice.

Where’s the catch? There’s none. You don’t even have to engage with the advert! Simply in return for seeing the advert, the advertiser will pay money, and 50% of the money will go to your charitable organisation.

What charities are there to choose from?

There’s a huge array of charitable organisations to chose from: everything from supporting child literacy to Black Lives Matter and plenty of environmental charities as well. (When I set up my Tabs for Good account I chose Greenpeace but plenty of others are also available.

What impact Tabs for Good has?

There’s a live counter you can see on every new tab you open: currently it stands by just over £6m raised, over 1m trees planted and nearly 22,000kg of river trash removed. Pretty amazing, right? 

Once you installed the plugin and set up your own account you can see this happening live. You can also track your own contribution to this.

You can also visit the advertisers’ pages and see how much they helped to donate. Equally, you can also see and learn more about the charity partners.

How easy is it to install?

Very. With a click you can install the plugin, pick your charity and that’s it. 

It also works with Ecosia – which I use as a browser – so you can totally double down on planting a tree with every search on Ecosia AND support your favourite charity with every tab. I mean – this is the dream of an activist!

One more important thing regarding your account: Tabs for Good / Good Loop don’t use or sell user data, they respect your privacy.


Which charity will you choose to raise funds for?

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