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Make the Most of Your Trip to Carlsbad, California

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Written in collaboration with E. Jones. Looking for a fun place to vacation with your significant other, family, or friends? If you like the idea of sandy beaches, beautiful lagoons, amusement parks, sports, and fine dining, then perhaps you’d be interested in booking your next trip to Carlsbad, CA. It’s the perfect destination for any type of trip. There’s so …

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Children’s Discovery Museum In San Jose Review

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We were on holiday in the States recently and stayed in San Jose for a few weeks, visiting friends. As we tried to combine quality indoor time (hiding from the heat) and lots of outdoor fun, we came across the Children’s Discovery Museum in San Jose. If you’re ever around and have a small child to entertain, don’t hesitate to …

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Roaring Camp and The Redwood Grove Loop Trail (US)

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If you’re looking for a day out for a curious toddler and a husband with mild train obsession – this is the place to be near San Fransisco and Santa Cruz. We purchased our tickets online which is strongly recommended to avoid queueing. However, it will not save you the fight for seating, this bit was a little annoying with a …

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The Upham Hotel and Counrty House Santa Barbara (US)

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Decided to dedicate a blog post to this hotel as I was really impressed. Slight mischap by booking 1 night on Expedia well ahead our trip and later decided to arrive a day earlier, so booked a separate night on Expedia again. Not quite get it, dear reader? Well, the owner who presumably jumped in to help out the reception …