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Want, Need, Wear, Read – Why I’m NOT Buying The “Four Gift Rule”

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You’ve probably heard this before: you ought to buy four (that’s 4!) Christmas presents for your kids: something they want, something they need, something to wear, something to read. It’s often referred to as the four gift rule. Personally, I couldn’t disagree more. Firstly, clothing items are not exactly presentable, unless your little one has just started to discover her/his style …

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Toddler-Proof Christmas Tree Ideas

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Chances are the Christmas of 2014 was the last one when I got to use all my carefully selected and colour-harmonised Christmas tree ornaments for a long time. Bobcat was only 8 months old and was only crawling. When I had to leave the room, I just popped him into his playpen. Now, that he’s 20 months old, it’s a …

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Christmas present ideas – favourite eco-friendly toys

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Christmas is around the corner so let’s start the long-waited (or dreaded) shopping season with gift ideas for the little monsters. These will be surely amusing for bubbas 0-2 years and eco-savvy parents equally. When it comes to baby and toddler toys, there are so many brands, shops and reviews as starts in the sky. You probably are getting a lot …

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Winter in Kew Gardens

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The evening walk at the Kew was organised by husband to get the little one spend some quality time with Godparents. Yepp. Past his bath time and nearly his bed time as well, Captain Bobcat all wrapped up in the cold (and as Mummy has predicted) fell asleep in his pram at 7 pm during our dark garden walk. Since …