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How To Make Shaped Crayons – The Big Crayons Melting Guide

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Melting crayons into different shapes is great fun, and some of the stages can be done together with your toddler, so it can be turned into some quality crafty time with mummy or daddy. Recently, for Bobcat’s 3rd birthday, we planned a Hey Duggee themed party. I decided to make rainbow coloured crayons melted into Lego shapes and use them as …

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How I toilet trained my 3-year-old boy

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Toilet or potty training is a dreaded period in every parents life, no matter how experienced you are. All children are different and what works for one, it may not work for another. It can be very stressful as a parent and of course for the child too. There’s no guarantee that the choosen method will work. You might need …

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Recipe: Rose Petal And Orange Jam

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At the beginning of this summer, in early June, me and the kids visited my parents in Hungary. (Whilst poor Daddy caught up on a few pints and stag dos.) My dad has a fantastic garden, the children had a blast. He’s got lots and lots of roses, beautiful, sumptuous, soft pink, velvety red and bright yellow. I was marvelling …

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#CheckYourChaps Male Cancer Awareness Month

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In collaboration with male cancer charity Orchid, I’d like to help their #CheckYourChaps campaign to raise awareness. As a wife and a daughter, I believe women should provide encouragement and support to the men in their lives to check themselves for the signs of testicular cancer. The charity have just completed surveying the British public, revealing that on average only 32% …