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Why Holiday Prices Are Higher During School Holidays?

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I’m now trying to reflect on Kate’s Post I’ve read the other day from a hoteliers’ point of view. School holidays can be a nightmare to manage. In families, where both parents work, one of them HAS to take days off, unless you have other baby sitting solutions arranged. So now that you’ve got the kids for a whole week, …

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My 5 Best Buys For My Second Baby

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It’s probably quite a cliche, but also quite true: the second time you’re more relaxed and more experienced. You know what to expect. Until you realise, that your second child is completely different, even as a baby. There are some things, of course, which you try to do differently anyway, having learnt your lessons already. Like not buying all available …

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I’m Happy It’s School Term Again, Does This Make Me A Bad Mum?

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That’s how it feelt in the last few days. Listening to my friends how they are having emotionally tough times as their toddlers are starting in the nursery or with a child minder. Most of my friends (just like myself) are typical helicopter parents to small children. But even though I feel like I’m being overprotective and worrying excessively sometimes, I …

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Want, Need, Wear, Read – Why I’m NOT Buying The “Four Gift Rule”

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You’ve probably heard this before: you ought to buy four (that’s 4!) Christmas presents for your kids: something they want, something they need, something to wear, something to read. It’s often referred to as the four gift rule. Personally, I couldn’t disagree more. Firstly, clothing items are not exactly presentable, unless your little one has just started to discover her/his style …