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Summer Matcha & Mint Lemonade

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I love matcha tea, not only tasty and healthy, but very versatile too as it comes in a powdered form. You can use it in cakes, smoothies, drinks and more. So when I received Matcha & Mint from EatCleanTea I got really excited. They asked me to review the product and create a summer drink recipe with it. Easy -peasy. The affair …

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Sugar and Gluten Free Hazelnut Or Almond Pan-Bread

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This pan-bread is one of the easiest thing to make and I really like the combination of nuts and dried fruits. Not using any flour, it’s a cross between cornbread and cake. Really yummy and quilt-free, if you manage not to eat the whole bread at once. The original recipe is from River Cottage Gluten Free  I changed a few …