The 3 Best Bathroom Layouts To Consider During Your Next Remodel

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The right layout is essential when designing a new bathroom but people don’t always give it as much attention as they should. It’s easy to get caught up in the details like the colour scheme, the tiling and the type of bath or shower that you want. But before you start thinking about any of that, you need to work out how to arrange the basic features of the room. The placement of the sink, shower, bath and toilet makes a huge difference to the overall look and feel of the room and it’s particularly important if you only have a small space. If you are planning a bathroom redesign soon, these are some of the best bathroom layout options to consider. 

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Three In A Row Layouts 

It’s very likely that you have a three in a row layout in your bathroom right now. Having the toilet, sink, and shower all against one single wall is one of the most common ways to organise your bathroom. The reason that it’s so popular is that it just works so well. It’s simple but effective and the layout looks good in almost any bathroom, no matter the size or shape. The other big benefit is that the plumbing is all against one wall, which makes it easier to replace fixtures during bathroom renovations and it’s cheaper to install in the first place. The only downside to the three in a row layout is that you don’t get much counter space and it can sometimes feel like there is a lot of wasted space on the opposite wall. In larger bathrooms, a dividing wall can be used to create an alternative three in a row layout with a door separating the toilet. 

Opposite Wall Layouts 

The opposite wall layout is a great way to add more flexibility to the bathroom and it’s ideal for large bathrooms. Instead of having everything against one wall, you use two opposite walls. This is more expensive because it requires more plumbing work but it does mean that you can include more counter space. There are a few common variations you are likely to see; bath on one wall with the sink and toilet opposite or bath and toilet with sinks on the opposite side. However, you have the freedom to play around and arrange things in whatever way you like. 

Hotel Layouts 

If you want to create a bathroom with an expensive feel to it, why not go for a hotel layout? This is quite a contentious layout and some people hate it, but it can work very well. It usually involves having the bath on one wall with a long counter and the sink on the opposite wall and the toilet in the middle. It isn’t always the most practical layout but it does give you more counter space. It’s also a more unique way to arrange your bathroom if you are bored with the typical three in a row. 

These are the best layout options for your bathroom so, even though experimentation is good, you should stick within these basic frameworks. 

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