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The 3 Most Important Practical Tips To Create A Gallery Wall

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I have always wanted a gallery wall (or two) in my home. I love the idea of displaying my art prints I like – and also define my personal taste. A well-laid gallery wall allow us to display all of our favourite prints – so unique to us, bring together a collection of our favourite art pieces at once and it can add endless visual interest to any room. You can either mix them regardless of style, colours or  it can even be a mixed media wall or items on the wall can show some similarity – it’s up to you, either way can work if you want it to be. From the entryway to the stairway, there are many opportunities to add a bold focal point to your home and showcase beautiful photographs, artwork, and unique items like that treasured flea market find.

Gallery wall

Putting together a gallery wall can seem like a daunting task. When we created ours in our living room, it took a long time to pick the pieces we liked and find the right place for them on the chosen wall. Making it look cohesive and put together, but also varied enough to create interest – that’s the job.

These are the most important practical tips in my view.

Don’t be a copy cat

Seen a great idea on Pinterest or on Instagram? Really really liked it? That’s great, use it as an inspiration but don’t copy every single wall art piece and set your heart on the very same look – it’s someone else’s personal taste, you will not feel any connection to it when on your wall, because it’s not your taste and work that went to it. So don’t go the easy way, but put some research in in and find the individual art prints, your own photos printed on canvas or frames – but make it your own.

Draw a plan for the layout

Sit down with a few pieces of paper and a tape measurer and start planning. You cannot get around this, don’t just start randomly hanging 8-10 pictures in a blank space. Seriously, you’ll thank for this as every mistake will damage your wall and paint no matter what method are you choosing for hanging the pictures.  This can be done on a piece of scale paper or simply in Google Sheets or Excel (take photos of each picture and crop them to fit in the right scale) or you can even use free online gallery wall designer tools.

Change is the only constant

I, for one, often like a little change here and there. I like adding things to my interior and getting rid of others as my personal taste evolves. No difference when it comes to my gallery wall. We have just put it together a few month ago and I’m pretty chuffed with it at the moment, but I’m also sure, that I sooner or later will come across an art piece I will fall in love instantly and will want to add it to the gallery wall – and something else on the wall will have to find a new place in our home. I think this is how gallery walls can become a blue print of how ones personal taste evolves. 

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