The Art of Making The Most of a Small Dining Room This Christmas

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Small dining rooms are a frequent occurrence in many households. Yet, that doesn’t mean they can’t be a fantastic spot for your Christmas dinner. After all, if you’ve decided to invite the family over for Christmas, you want to throw a wonderful dinner they will not forget.

Here are some smart strategic tips and clever design choices to help you make the most of your limited space. Can you create a festive atmosphere in a small room? Of course you can! Here’s how to make it work: 

Making the Most of a Small Dining Room This Christmas

Rectangular dining table

Well round tables may be a popular choice for a quirky decor, you want to focus your attention on a rectangular dining table for your small dining room. There’s a reason why they epitomise the concept of space-saving elegance. The elongated spade plays an important role in optimising your space. Unlike a circular table, rectangular tables can efficiently utilise the room dimensions, making them a preferred choice for small dining rooms. 

Visually, a rectangular table will be a lore more appealing than any other shape in a small space. They can add length to a confined area, making it feel more spacious than it actually is. There’s a natural sense of harmony with the walls, enhancing the actual perception of your space. In fact, people may even feel that the room is less congested with a rectangular table than with any other shape!


Who doesn’t like using mirrors as a decorative element? Mirrors bring an exciting combination of depth and light into your dining room. In a compact space, a mirror is a design asset that goes beyond mere reflection. It brings a transformative element that can work its magic to make the room feel more appealing and spacious

How does it work? You need to be strategic about mirror placement to create the illusion of depth. Essentially, you can use this trick to visually expand the size of the room, without ever spending anything on home improvement projects. 

Mirrors play a dual role in a small dining room. First of all, it blurs the boundaries of the room, reflecting images of the dining area further, which instantly transforms your small space into a dining hall. Secondly, mirrors catch natural or artificial light and can bring it further into the room. A bright space will always feel more open than a darker room, regardless of its dimensions. By placing mirrors in the dining room, you can let the light travel further into the room, creating a sense of warmth, openness, and grandeur. 

Minimalist lighting fixtures

We’ve just talked about mirrors and how they can enhance light. So, it would seem natural to consider your lighting fixtures inside a small dining room. This is your opportunity to embrace the less-is-more philosophy and opt for a minimalist fixture that can be both practical and aesthetically pleasing. You’d be surprised to see how an unassuming fixture can be a lot more impactful when it comes to creating the right atmosphere in the dining space. 

What kind of minimalist lighting fixture should you aim for? Typically, you want an understated and unobstructive design that can complement the room’s overall decor without taking over. The secret of finding the perfect solution is to balance statement light with space-enhancing features. 

In a high-ceiling space, you can use your fixture to make a stylish statement that doesn’t take over the room. Alternatively, a multi-directional chandelier can also be a neat addition, bathing not on the table but also the rest of the room with light. Modern fixtures can also incorporate visually appealing materials, such as metal, glass, and even minimalist geometric shapes. 

So, in the context of a small dining room where every decorative element counts, an elegant but minimalist lighting fixture can be a game-changer. 

Minimalist lamp - Making the Most of a Small Dining Room This ChristmasMaximising natural light

Artificial light is the matter of a lighting fixture. But you also want to consider natural light in a small dining room. Maximising natural light to create a welcoming dining room for your Christmas dinner is, after all, a necessity. Natural light is not only eco-friendly and cost-effective when it comes to illuminating your space, but it also plays an important role in setting the right mood. 

The keyword here is windows. Keeping your windows accessible and free of obstructions is a no-brainer. As such, you certainly want to consider additional storage solutions and moving furniture to ensure your windows can get all the attention they need. Another great tip here is to stay away from heavy curtains, which may add a wintery feel to your decor but this would come at the cost of natural daylight. Instead, you may want to consider solutions that will still keep the light coming through while preserving your privacy, such as affordable DIY blinds or even light-coloured window treatments that allow sunlight to filter through. 

This would offer the versatility you need to manage natural light throughout the day, ensuring you can control how bright the dining room should be, without ever forcing a dark setting on your guests. Remember, natural light does influence your mood, which means keeping a small space bathed in natural light will be giving your guests the dose of dopamine they need to enjoy the party without feeling cramped. 

Say no to TV

Admittedly, the TV typically belongs in the dining space. However, you want to remove your TV from the small dining room to focus on what truly matters. Your Christmas dinner is all about heartwarming conversations and cherished memories. In other words, the last thing you need in a small space is to have your guests sit uncomfortably at the table to watch TV. 

TVs do not belong in small functional areas, especially when the core purpose of the area is not to be entertained. In your small dining room , the TV could become a distraction, diverting the attention from the delightful festive feast you’ve prepared and from the company gathered around the table. Once you remove the TV, you can fully reclaim the space for its primary purpose: enjoying meals together. This may sound silly, but it is a crucial decision to make your dining room feel significantly bigger. 

Additionally, once you take the TV out, the room can finally recentre itself around the conversations and dining experience. This means that the small space stops being confined and cramped. It becomes intimate and friendly. It means that your guests can embrace the spirit of the season fully, rather than being passively entertained by the box on the wall. 

Making the Most of a Small Dining Room This Christmas

Keep Christmas decorations minimal

Can there be a Christmas dinner without decorations? Of course not, but you want to be smart about it. You can nebrace the concept of minimalism even with your decoration choices, Ultimately, the small dining room needs to remain functional and welcoming. As such, you can’t opt for larger-than-life decorations. 

Here, the key is to make the most of your decor while being restrained. So, a good idea to make it work is to choose decorations that serve a dual purpose by being both festive and functional. This will ensure that every item you bring can fully contribute to the dining experience and the holiday spirit. 

So, for instance, you can consider seasonal crockery, which sets the mood while remaining functional for serving your Christmas dishes. Plates and bowls with Christmas decors are a fantastic choice! Similarly, you can also look for seasonal tableware, including tablecloth and napkins, which would do the trick too. Festive cushions on your chairs can also help complete the look. 

The bottom line: You don’t have to choose between being festive or being practical when you can do both!

Can a small dining room still be the highlight of the Christmas holiday? Of course it can! Size doesn’t matter as long as you can make the most of it with these practical tips for making the most of a small dining room this Christmas.

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