double bed bedroom

The Benefits of Adjustable Bed Frames

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Historically, adjustable beds were found almost exclusively in the care industry, such as hospitals and care homes. However, they’re becoming popular for home use. But do they actually yield any improvements? If an adjustable bed frame in the home is a strange concept to you, you may question why anyone would want one. What are the benefits? Unlike traditional bed frames, you have total control, you can raise your upper body or your legs to relieve any pressure or pain you may suffer from. The flexibility has also been proven to provide relief from symptoms related to conditions like sleep apnoea, acid reflux, snoring or general airway issues and fibromyalgia. Essentially, adjustable beds can just aid in your endeavour for a good night’s sleep.

double bed bedroom

They can be especially helpful to older adults, or anyone with mobility issues to climb safely and easily in and out of bed. They can foster new independence for those who would have previously had to rely on others. There is also no need to worry because they do not have a hospital or medical vibe. Adjustable beds that look identical to the traditional bed frame are becoming more and more prevalent. If you choose the right one there is no reason for it not to integrate seamlessly into your desired décor. In all honesty, most do look like a normal bed frame until adjusted. Adjustable bases have high levels of customer satisfaction, considering all the extras they offer apart from just the standard; some offer massage functions and a variety of other features it’s hardly a surprise that these are popular. All of which are totally user-friendly, as this product is helpful for the elderly it is important that the actual ‘technical’ side be simple and easy to understand.

double bed bedroom

Not all adjustable bed frames receive equal ratings, the differing price points and additional features mean that research is imperative. Choosing the right bed frame for you and your needs is a personal choice. It is worth noting that not all adjustable beds come with mattresses, however, those that don’t are designed to fit the mattress of your choosing. If you are choosing a bed frame and mattress separately it is essential to pick the right one, some may not be able to adjust and bend to the angles of the bed frame. As a rule of thumb memory foam mattresses tend to be the best option, they also tend to offer more comfort and support so it should be a win-win. Although if that is too much for you it may be better to choose a brand that comes with a mattress attached.

There is a lot to consider when choosing an adjustable bed, it can feel overwhelming. But with thorough research and an understanding of your own needs, picking the right one will be a cinch. A better night’s sleep is just around the corner.

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