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The Best Ways To Improve Your Bank Balance

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In today’s world, we spend a lot of time throwing money away on trivialities and with the rising cost of living, our bank accounts can easily suffer. Holding onto our money is key to ensure we are living comfortably and still able to enjoy those little treats and maintain a social life. You may be spending money in ways you don’t need to and looking at your outgoings and reshaping your financial structure can really help. 

money pound

  1. Look at your phone and internet provider. Are there any ways to change your provider to get a deal that is perfect for you and where you don’t end up with lots of extra costs. It’s worth researching into companies, such as and start to make the deal is the best for you. 
  2. Look at your subscriptions. It may be possible that you are subscribed to certain magazines, boxes or other paid subscriptions that you aren’t bothered about any more or don’t get the most out of them to justify the price. Cut back on those unwanted direct debits to keep a few more pennies in the bank.
  3. Keep your diary less full. Be a little more sensible when it comes to spending money out and about in restaurants and drinking. Things can easily add up when you’re socialising, so start to curate your diary so you can see more friends at one time and not have to 
  4. Use less energy! This may seem like a difficult task but with the impending climate change, it is becoming more important to be more savvy with how we use energy and you can avoid mammoth bills. Don’t leave lights on you don’t need to, take showers instead of baths, don’t boil your kettle often, and generally become a little more self-sufficient
  5. Eat smart. By eating more fruits and veg, you can probably help cut down the costs of lengthy supermarket shopping bills. Go to a local market where you can be plentiful with your purchases and buy frozen, this can be beneficial too and just as fulfilling, as well as sustainable for the planet! 
  6. Get active. Another wonderful way to keep travel costs down is to start riding a bike. It’s both economical and healthy and will save you quite a lot of money per month on either petrol or bus and train tickets. You will be surprised how much money actually comes from your account on weekly travel to and from work. 
  7. Grab a loyalty card! A lot of shops now offer this to their customers and it can prove beneficial if you shop there often. A loyalty card will allow you to rack up points and then be able to redeem them when you hit enough points or a set target. It can help save money, get freebies and also be part of It’s a win/win and they’re usually always FREE to sign up to! 

So there they are – some ways to help cut back your costs and a few pennies during this holiday season. Time to start rethinking your finances and enjoy life more! 

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