The Buying a House Process: Should I Get a House or an Apartment?

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The buying a house process can be daunting, but let’s narrow it down for you, right here, by helping you choose an apartment or house…

Buying a house will be a very exciting time for you, but there’s no denying that it’ll also be stressful. There are so many decisions you have to make as you go, one of these being what sort of building you want to live in. And also, making sure you choose the best and most reliable movers, like the 5* Atlanta movers.

Your conveyancing solicitors will be the ones to help you to finalise your decision, but you need to first be clear on what it is you want from your home. So, to help you choose, the benefits of both houses and apartments have been laid out for you here…

Is Buying a House Better?

To get a better picture of whether a house or an apartment is a better choice for you, it’s good to list the many benefits of each. So, let’s firstly dive right into what makes a house such a great choice to live in…

More Space

This first one should go without saying, but we can’t deny that space might be a massive factor in your choice. Whether you’re moving in with multiple people, or just need a number of rooms for all your furniture and belongings, this is an important decision.

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Often Set in More Rural Locations

In most cases, homes provide more of a rural setting, as they aren’t normally set in the hustle and bustle of a city centre. So, if you’re looking for a home that sits more on the outskirts of a city, or perhaps even further out, a house is the way to go.

More Peace and Privacy

Because of this more rural setting, a house might offer more peace and privacy than an apartment. Living in an apartment means you’re constantly surrounded by neighbours, which means you’re likely to bump into them when stepping out of your front door.

It also means that you may be disturbed by noise more often, from a neighbour throwing parties, arguing, or other activities. If they’re heavy footed, you definitely won’t be in for a peaceful dinner time, especially if they like to tap dance!

Ultimately, a house is your own private space, usually with your own garden, and without strangers roaming the hallways. This provides much more of a bubble for you, so if this is something you’re looking for in a home, a house is a winner.

Better for Entertaining Friends

Although you might have this image of inviting all your friends up to your apartment for an occasion, the reality of this may not be so fun. Squeezing all your friends and family into a small kitchen and living space may not be as practical as you imagined.

On the other end of the spectrum, a house is the perfect place to invite friends over due to it being more spacious and having more rooms. In a house, you’re also more likely to have garden space, which is perfect for a summer BBQ.

More Temperature Control

Due to the space and airiness most houses provide, this makes them much more pleasant to live in during hotter weather than an apartment. Particularly if your windows are west or east facing, you’ll get a lot of sun during one part of the day, which will boil your home from the inside out. Alternatively, apartments usually don’t have backdoors and large windows to open up to let in the summer air.

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More Longevity

Due to the space a house provides, this bodes much better for long-term plans. For example, if you move in as a couple, you may have plans to have children together, and a house is the perfect place to do just that. What’s more, a house provides you with that functionality to expand your belongings and furniture, and really make it a home, containing all the mod-cons.

In general, a house is more of a permanent purchase; somewhere you may hope to live for a long while. Although it might be trickier to get on the property ladder with a house, the extra time and spend will likely be worth it.

More Freedom

Finally, when we take into account all of the above, a house provides much more freedom than an apartment. Not only does it give that extra space for you to feel less constricted with what you buy, it also doesn’t limit your activities. So, if you want to throw a big house party, get a pet, or listen to your music as loud as possible, you can do just that.

Is Buying an Apartment Better?

Now that we know more about what makes a house such a great choice, that doesn’t mean that apartments aren’t also filled with positives. In fact, there are many redeeming qualities that make apartments perhaps a better choice, including…

Less Expensive

One of the most obvious decisions you’ll have to make when buying a home is how much to spend. Your budget will determine whereabouts you buy your property, and what sort of property you’re able to buy, so it will usually be the big deciding factor.

In most cases, an apartment will cost a lot less than house because of their size, and the amount of rooms they harbour. Especially if you’re buying the property using a mortgage, your initial deposit and overall spend is likely to cost much less.

However, this does depend whether you’re buying or renting. Surprisingly, apartments can often cost a lot more when it comes to renting. This is probably considering they’re more openly available in urban areas, which usually cost more than rural areas.

More Amenities in the Building

Another benefit of an apartment is that the building you live in will likely have a lot more amenities than your house. For example, you might have a pool, gym, roof access, and washing machines, amongst other things. This is sure to make your living experience a lot more comfortable, and also entertaining.

This goes both ways, though, as you can’t deny that the space a home affords will also provide you with other amenities. For example, more cupboard space in the kitchen, and maybe a dishwasher. That said, it truly just depends on what you’re looking for.

More Convenient with Location

A lot of the time, apartment complexes will be situated right in the hub of all the local action, or at least near public transport which can take you right there. This is perfect for anyone who’s young and single, or works in the city. It’s especially convenient for anyone who doesn’t own a car, as you can more easily get around, either on foot, or by bike or bus.

More Secure

Unless you fit your house with all the gear, it’s unlikely that it’ll be as safe and secure as an apartment building. Not only are you likely to have an apartment a few floors up, away from prying eyes, most apartment buildings have secure locks. Normally, you’ll require a card or code to just get inside, before even reaching your front door.

To top it off, the fact that you’re living with a huge number of people in one building means safety in numbers. Unless one of your neighbours is dangerous, there’s generally more eyes and ears to notice something dodgy going on.

Less Maintenance

As an apartment owner, you’re really just paying for the apartment itself, and not the whole building. So, any maintenance costs outside of your apartment will fall under the jurisdiction of the building management, including the laundry room, pool, and gym.

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Encourages a Minimalist Lifestyle

We’ve spoken about how living in a house allows you to live a lot less restricted, but the opposite is true for an apartment. If you’re the sort of person that likes to live a minimalistic lifestyle, or you’re trying to cut down on your materialistic ways, an apartment is a good bet. There’s nothing worse than living in a small, cluttered space, so this should encourage you to live more responsibly.

More of a Community

Although houses in rural areas usually come with a neighbourly feel, apartments offer this on a much greater scale. If you’re a single pringle looking to socialise more, or just a downright social butterfly, this is definitely the better option.

Does Your Living Situation Affect Your Choice?

At the end of the day, it’s clear that both houses and apartments have many benefits to their name. So, your choice will come down to your situation, which can be decided by the following questions:

Are You a First-Time Buyer?

As a first-time buyer, you’re unlikely to remain in your first house forever. So, with this in mind, you need to think about saleability. In many cases, an apartment is the better option here, as they’re much more in demand these days. This makes them a much more viable option to sell on, with added value, in a few years’ time.

However, if you’re looking for your second home, you’re likely further along in your life, and maybe on the lookout for something more permanent. If this is the case, a house is probably your best bet.

Who Are You Moving in with, if Anyone?

Space is one of the most important factors in your choice, and buying a house is the clear option for anyone with a family, or looking to start a family. However, if you’re single, or just moving in with your other half or a friend, an apartment could be the better choice.

Do You Work From Home

Working from home is something many people do these days and, with COVID-19 still well underway, this may be the new default setting for most workers. With this in mind, you need to factor this into your home purchase, mainly for your mental health. So, being sure to have an entire room, or at least a corner of the room, with a desk and comfortable chair in, is paramount.

Do You Own Pets, or Want Pets in Future?

If you already own a pet, or you’re a pet lover who is likely to invest in one in future, this will also affect your future home. Generally, living in an apartment will restrict your ability to have a pet; there may even be rules against it! That said, living in your own house will have no such restrictions, and there’ll be some amazing rural areas to let them roam in.

The Buying a House Process is Now That Little Bit Easier…

Clearly, there are a lot of positives for both buying a house and buying an apartment. Ultimately, though, the decision will lie in your situation and reasons for buying a home.

As we’ve seen, there’s a lot to think about, but I hope this will help you to make your decision that little bit easier. If you have anything else to add, feel free to leave your comments down below. Let’s help one another make our home-buying decisions!

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