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The Desirable Do’s and the Dangerous Don’ts of Home Transformations

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The Desirable Do’s and the Dangerous Don’ts of Home Transformations

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Bland bathroom accessories, shabby sofas and dreary décor is everywhere in your home. As you look around you get the feeling that everything needs a little bit of love and affection. When it comes to your home decor, there are so many simple changes you can make in a short amount of time. You can make some big changes with very little work, so take a look at these do’s and don’ts and give your home the marvellous makeover it truly needs.

The Desirable Do’s and the Dangerous Don’ts of Home Transformations

Do – Bring in the New and Spice up the Old

There is an abundance of drab and dreary furniture taking over your home right now. A lot of your belongings look like they’re about to fall apart or fade away so it’s time to spruce them up a little bit. You don’t need to go out and invest in anything new, just work with what you’ve already got. For example, that small side table that you often just use to balance the odd coffee mug on in the mornings. That could become a fashionable statement your living room, but it’s just getting grubbier by the day. Give it a lick of paint and you’ll have a brand new sparkling table to be proud of.  You could also invest in new handles for your chest of drawers; they will turn a dull and dreary design into a delightfully desirable one! There are however, many things that you won’t be able to transform on your own. Your bathroom cabinets, toilet and basin will need replacing if they are broken and aging. For an array of space-saving designs click here. There are many different colour and styles to choose from so make sure you choose something that fits in with the overall theme of your gorgeous home. Make sure you get a professional in to come and fit these, because you don’t want to be messing with the plumbing by yourself if you don’t know what you’re doing!

Do – Get Crafty

Let loose with your creative spark and start to make some of your own home accessories. You can find so much inspiration online from artwork to curtains. If you add a homemade touch to your tired-looking decorations you’ll soon fall in love with them again. Why not make your own artificial flower arrangements? Spruce up a plain vase with some brightly coloured sand or stones. You can completely enhance so many things that you already have lying around so try and think outside the box.

Do – Do a Switcheroo

You might be growing a bit tired of how your entire home is arranged; you could make some changes to your rooms and see a huge difference. Get creative with where you can move certain pieces of furniture and you’ll end up with a fresh look in your home. Feeling fed up of a boring old desk sitting in the corner? Transfer it to another room and it might actually come in really useful. Maybe you have a tall lamp which has always looked a little bit out of place. You’ve always been meaning to move it to a more appropriate place, so take the chance now and move it to somewhere that truly makes sense.

The Desirable Do’s and the Dangerous Don’ts of Home Transformations

Do – Be Thrifty

If you’re planning on making your own bits and bobs to brighten up your boring bedroom. Then you should consider going out on the hunt for your crafty essentials. The sales are getting more and more advanced with what they have on offer, so try and use your imagination when you’re shopping for your pieces. Perhaps you could spruce up a plain cushion cover into a perfect small trinket holder to hang on the back of a door. As long as you are looking in all the right places in the sales, you will find all of the knick knacks you are looking for.

Don’t – Do Anything Dangerous

Swapping around large electrical items to make a room look more appealing might seem like a straightforward job. Whatever you do, don’t start using wires if you’re not qualified to do so. Seek out advice if you’re feeling confused or unsafe when handling electronics and wires. You don’t want to end up getting zapped yourself, because you’re trying to fashion a brand new light fitting! Keep yourself safe and leave this sort of work to the experts who know what they are doing.

Don’t – Forget to Ask for Consent

In your mind, you are probably planning a huge DIY project that will transform your home for the better. However, if you start drilling holes, moving furniture and tampering with cushions or accessories, you might be about shock the people who you are living with. Make sure you seek out permission from those who live in the house with you; they might not appreciate so many changes without any notice. The likelihood is that they will totally get on board with everything, but don’t risk upsetting them because you haven’t consulted them about the updates. They might be able to bring a lot of creative ideas to the table, so take all of their opinions into consideration.

Don’t – Waste Anything

Don’t go throwing away your electrical appliances like fridges and microwaves because they’re looking a little rusty and old. Many of these household electricals just need a good old clean to make them look like brand new. Chances are they are all working perfectly fine, but you just haven’t had the chance to undertake a deep clean. You’ll be surprised what a bit of time and elbow grease can do for a rusty old cooker. Try using natural cleaning products like lemon, white wine vinegar and bicarbonate of soda. There types of natural ingredients will help to remove deep rooted dirt and limescale in a matter of minutes.

So spend a little time on your home makeover project and take all of the following ideas into account. You will soon have a fresher and more vibrant home to be proud of!


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