The Essential Guide To Safer Driving

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It doesn’t matter whether you are a new driver or whether you have been on the road for decades, you can always become safer. There are more accidents and collisions on our roads than ever before. People have also become complacent during the global pandemic. Because there have been fewer cars on the road, people have driven faster, they haven’t been paying attention to hazards, and bad habits have slipped into their driving. If you are keen to become a better and safer driver, check out this guide.

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The easiest way to stay safe on the road is to keep your car well maintained. If your set of wheels hasn’t been serviced in over a year, get it to the garage. Mechanics will check your oil and other fluid levels in your car. They will ensure that your tires are safe with the correct tread depth and they will carry out basic safety checks. If you are unsure of how to perform oil dip stick tests or tire pressure tests at home, a mechanic will show you these. By having a well maintained car on every journey, no matter how long or short, you will be safer on the road.


The one aspect of your driving that you need to keep a check of is your speed. It’s all too easy to let your eye slip from your speedometer and put the pedal to the metal a little more. Ensure that you stick to the speed limit on the road. It is there for a reason. Residential areas have lower speed limits because of the increase in pedestrians. Should you hit a fellow road user at high speed, you could find yourself hit with a suit from wrongful death lawyers. If you struggle with speed, follow some simple rules. A residential area with streetlights is always thirty miles per hour and if you are unsure of any other road, go ten miles an hour slower than you think you should.

Hazard Awareness

Being a safe driver means being a defensive driver. Never allow yourself to become arrogant or over confident on the road. You need to have excellent hazard awareness by maintaining focus and being alert. Never drive while tired and always rest every couple of hours with a walk, a cup of coffee and something to eat. Feeling refreshed when driving will keep you alert. 

Being a defensive driver means thinking two steps ahead. You have to consider every other road user, from cyclists to pedestrians and from lorry drivers to taxis. Remember, these drivers may not be as defensive as you. They may think nothing of being on their cellphone while driving and not having their full attention on the road. 

If you encounter a tricky road that is unfamiliar, go slow. Never feel pressure to speed up and always stick to the right lane when driving unless overtaking. If you are a nervous driver, consider a course that will boost your confidence and help you to be more assertive (yet still defensive) when out and about behind the wheel.

Being a safe driver isn’t too challenging. Follow these simple rules and you can enjoy a well maintained car, superior hazard awareness, and awesome speed control.

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