The Experience Of ‘Entering’ Into Your Home

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Grand homes have always had a common theme of ‘walking into’ them. When you enter a villa home, you are first met by the courtyard. It’s noticeably further than the home and thus, you have already begun your journey of ‘entering’ into the property. You walk into the home and you are met by the foyer. You probably can’t even see the living room yet. When you enter into the living room, you are met with a little bit of a hallway, where the exit is squeezed and the feeling of entering into a wider room is evident. This by no means an accident. It’s done on purpose! The experience of entering a home is something that gives it personality and splendor.

The all-important foyer

The foyer really sets the tone. It’s the space which will be first experienced by a guest. They should be taken aback a little, but some of the things you have on display here. Consider having a coat rack for them to conveniently shed their outer layers. Or perhaps some figurine sculptures that you can place on a hallway table. This table should usually be white and in an early-modern design. The legs should be curved and swinging outward. The drawers should not be decorative, but actually, work! The other bits of the foyer should include having a chandelier or some kind of crystal ceiling light. Consider having a marble or quartz flooring. Who doesn’t love the tapping noise of feet when they enter into a really grand hotel or marvellously splendid home? 

Experiencing your style

How about the feeling you get when you enter into a zone which is completely your own style? You rarely feel this apart from when you fit walk in wardrobes. Your clothes are a symbol of your taste, and having the ability to enter into your wardrobe where you are surrounded by your items is a feeling unlike any other. Why is it so special? It’s because you don’t have to open any doors, you don’t have to pull out the clothes in order to get a good look at them. It’s also kind of like walking into your personal armoury, whereby your suit of armour shall be selected and placed on you. It’s a feeling of pride and respecting your sense of fashion too. A number of choices are available from the central island to the parallel wardrobes.

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Entering outdoors

The patio is a style icon if there ever was one in the home. It’s the principal entrance to the outdoors. It can be a blank canvas for all those that want to provide an experience of entering into a chillout zone that is at one with nature. So add LED border lights to the outer edge of your skirting board and door frames. Also, add some ceiling lamps and wind chimes. You want the sounds and light to merge together and make for a cosy and inviting atmosphere.

Entering into a home should be an experience, not something that is run of the mill. Proving an experience of your foyer is for your guests to cherish but your walk-in wardrobe is for you to personally admire.

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