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The Good Cause Of The Month: City To Sea

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As you know, every month I introduce a charity organisation on my blog in order to raise awareness for them. Since I have this fantastic platform, my blog, I try to use it to support good causes too. This month, I’d like to introduce: City to Sea.

The Good Cause Of The Month: City To Sea

Since Plastic Free July was such a success like never before,  I thought I’d pick a non-profit organisation that is committed to end plastic pollution. Because I’m sure, everyone who has pledged to participate and made lifestyle changes to use less plastic, will be keep going and turning Plastic Free July into Plastic Free Everydays. 

One of the several problem with plastic is that 80% of the plastic ending up in our oceans is coming from land-based sources. Another chunk of it arrives by the rivers carrying it down to the sea. So this is how the plastic we simply throw away in the city makes its way to the sea.

city to sea handing in a petition

Their mission

City to Sea was founded by Natalie Fee, author, broadcaster, producer and environmental campaigner. Their mission is to connect our actions to the oceans, by giving people and businesses from all backgrounds simple ways to make a significant difference to prevent plastic pollution at the source.

How do they do this

They run people-powered, community-serving campaigns, raise awareness, they provide resources for anyone from grassroots movements to corporate companies and they collaborate with companies, NGOs and the government.

Their campaigns

Refill: to prevent plastic pollution at source by making it easier to reuse and refill your water bottle on the go than buy a single-use disposable plastic bottle. This is an app that shows locations of places providing drinking water for free.

Switch the Stick: a 2016 which called on UK retailers to switch cotton bud stems from plastic to paper.

Bog Standard: was a public awareness campaign to raise awareness what should be going down our toilets. This campaign highlighted the common items being flushed and aimed to remind people that only the 3Ps should be flushed: pee, paper and poo. 

Plastic Free Periods: a campaign to raise awareness of disposable menstrual products are used and thrown away in the UK every year, as well as the importance of making people aware how many disposable period products are used and thrown away each year, this campaign encourages people to switch to plastic free disposables or reusables instead.

Plastic Free Travel this campaign is about working with partners from top hotel chains to major train stations and airports to make sure that #PlasticFreeTravel (click on the hashtag to sign the petition) is not just possible but affordable too.


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  1. Brilliant charity. I love every one of their campaigns. The app that makes it easy to find somewhere to refill your bottle is excellent and I couldn’t agree more about plastic-free periods. With reusable cups and washable pads, there’s no excuse, really.

  2. What a fab charity. I love the idea of an app that tells you where you can refill your bottle, we always carry ours with us but it can be hard to find somewhere to fill them

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