The Good Cause Of The Month: Crowdfunding Platform Beam

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A little late for November – but I’m still back with the my Good Cause of the Month post.

As you know, every month I introduce a charity organisation on my blog in order to raise awareness for them. Since I have this fantastic platform, my blog, I try to use it to support good causes too. This month, I’d like to introduce: BEAM

What is Beam about?

Beam is a crowdfunding platform helps homeless brits train for work. Tech entrepreneur and founder of Beam, Alex Stephany, believes the solution is empowering those homeless people to get into skilled work. The story began when he’s met a homeless man at his local tube station and started to buy him coffees and socks. This homeless person had never hold a job – so Alex had this idea: what if he could get the skills and training to support himself. 

So Beam was born out of this simple idea: people can come together and crowdfund employment training for homeless people – as homeless people obviously can’t afford to pay for those. The hope was that the model could give one person at a time the chance to leave homelessness for good.


How does it work?

More than 15 registered, UK based homelessness charities recommend people to the Beam platform. So Beam gives each member (homeless people, Beam calls them members) a case worker who helps them build a personalised career plan and supports them all the way through, straight into holding onto a stable job. The public funds (from crowdsourcing) each member’s transparent campaign budget – donations can also be split equally between every member. When the campaign funds, Beam purchases everything for the members and supports them through training and into work. When the member is settled in skilled work, every member can set up their own monthly donations – becoming the patron of the next generation of Beam members. Paying it forward and paying it back. 

If you visit Beam’s page you can see each members profile with funded campaigns and their case worker. You can learn their stories and their journey to success. It’s very empowering and wonderful to read these personal stories.

Beam in numbers

A year on, Beam has helped more than 50 homeless people. But Beam is not just about donations. Beam also builds support networks for members, from the people who fund their campaigns. Today, over 300 people fund each campaign helping them to achieve employment.

  • 90% of homeless people to have completed the model are now in stable work

  • 12 homeless people started employment and a further 27 homeless people in training

  • Received over 6,000 crowdfunded donations, including 400 regular monthly donors

  • Successfully funded 43 campaigns, with 100% of campaigns funded on time


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  1. What a fab cause! More should be done to help the homeless, so I will deffo get behind this one xx

  2. This is such a fab cause, and it’s so nice that a lot of people are now in stable jobs x

  3. This is an amazing cause I used to work with homeless people pre children and found it so rewarding, many just needed more guidance and a little push in the right direction

  4. Wow its amazing that they’ve helped 50 homeless people in a year. Making a difference is so important and this is a great cause to get behind xxx

  5. I love the idea of supporting charities and raising awareness of them through your blog and may have to nab this idea. BEAM sound like a fantastic charity to support x

  6. What a great organisation and sadly, needed so badly at the moment. The state of the UK at the moment is awful, but so glad to see people who are in a good position helping those who are struggling!

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