The Hot Spots Of Australia

Photo by Sam Wermut on Unsplash

The Hot Spots Of Australia

Australia is huge, Australia is amazing, and Australia is 100% worth a visit if you ever get to in your lifetime. We say lifetime, because Australia is one big expense as well. Unless you live relatively close, which most of you reading this won’t, the flights alone are just eye watering. But don’t let that deter you. It is a land of beauty, and one everyone should experience. There are some really good hot spots dotted all over Australia that we’re going to explore, so have a read on to find out more.

Sydney Photo by Sam Wermut on Unsplash Sydney, Photo by Sam Wermut on Unsplash

Perth Hot Spots

Perth is the perfect mixture of fun and wildlife adventures. It is a massive tourist area with most people choosing to have a visit if they come to Australia. There’s just so much to do here that car rental in Perth would come in handy. If you’re looking to get back to nature, then we highly recommend that you check out the bibbulmun tail. It is a long walk that would take days to finish if you did it all, but just doing part of it will leave you amazed. The views are breathtaking, and most of it ventures along the coast giving you that beautiful sea breeze if you’re tackling it during the height of their summer. Technically not part of Perth, but you do need to head out from Perth, penguin highland is a must visit if you’re going down under. It’s a small island just off the coast of Perth, and is home to thousands of little penguins ready to melt your heart. It’s truly beautiful to see them at one with their own habitat, and a truly magical experience for anyone.

Melbourne Hot Spots

Melbourne is one of the biggest cities in Australia, it is the capital of fun things to do. But let’s start with a bit of nature again. A must visit is definitely the Yarra Valley. It is a beautiful region surrounding the Yarra river, and there’s just so much to explore. From nature trails to wine cellars, you can truly let your hair down and relax here. Bag yourself some accommodation as well and you truly are in for a treat. Something for the foodies of you out there is the Queen Victoria market. There is such a wide variety of tasty treats to try here, and go on a busy day and you’ll feel the true hustle and bustle of the huge city that is Melbourne. It’s open until 2pm most days, so make sure you get up early enough to bag yourself a treat.

Sydney Hot Spots

We’re only going to talk about one area of Sydney that has got to be on your hit list, and that’s Bondi Beach. The famous gold sands, lifeguards, and beautifully warm waters attract millions of tourists all over the world. There’s watersports, relaxation, and a great vibe to experience. Be sure to get a picture with the famous lifeguards, and even try your hand at surfing if you’re brave enough. There will be some days with some big surfs, and others with the calmest of waters that are perfect for a dip. Why not try Boat Hire Sydney for a perfect day out?

So there you have it, some of the big hot spots of Australia that we think you should visit. If you’ve ever been before and have your own little spots you love, please feel free to share!


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lorraine kirk December 12, 2018 - 12:02 pm

Margaret River just south of Perth is a very beautiful place to visit


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