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The Importance of Washing Machines and How to Care for Them

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jeans drying rack laundry

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To say that washing machines have simplified and eased a major part of daily living is putting it lightly. The advent of this vital appliance has made the rigorous and time- consuming physical task of washing clothes by hand easier and more efficient. There is hardly any modern-day home the world over that doesn’t have one and with each passing year, brands that manufacture them keep churning out better and more efficient versions of this helpful machine.

jeans drying rack laundry

A brief history of the Washing Machine

The first patent for a washing machine was issued as early as 1691. The first machines were designed to emulate the manner people washed by hand. They typically had an open basin with what was called paddles or fingers to manipulate the clothes by beating and scrubbing. They were made of wood and were operated manually. The design was further upgraded to a metal which could withstand the heat of the fire so the water in the washtub could stay warm throughout the laundry process. Soon washing machines could not only wash but wring as well. Technological innovation and advancement over the years saw the development of newer, more effective washers from manufacturers. At first only a few could afford it, but it has since become easily accessible to anyone and everyone who needs it and are used both privately at home and commercially as a business.

Benefits of the Washing Machine

It Saves time: Top on the list of advantages is that it saves time. Since its invention, washing machines have cut the amount of time spent washing clothes by 90%. People would usually take out a whole day in a week to do their laundry. Today, one can toss their clothes into the washer and go about their business while it does its thing.

It is cost-effective: In the past, one had to pay other people to carry out the stressful task of laundry and this could cost a fortune. Today, a few dollars at the Laundromat or better yet, an investment in owning a machine will save thousands of dollars in laundry bills.

It reduces manual labor: Hand washing is a tedious and tiring activity. The amount of energy that is dispensed in rubbing, scrubbing, beating and wringing out fabrics repeatedly is quite substantial, and it does take its toll on the hands, shoulders, back, muscles and other parts of the body involved in the process. Washing machines alleviate this stress.

Maintenance and where to find spare parts

That being said, it is necessary to develop a maintenance culture for household appliances that we use regularly like the washing machine. Proper care will elongate their life span. Sometimes, even with proper care, they can still go bad from factory defects or erosion of certain parts. Manufacturers have anticipated these problems and produce washing machine parts that can be purchased from them or from authorised stores to replace faulty ones and get the machines working optimally again. This can be any part, like stainless steel flex pipe – you should be able to purchase one and get it fitted.

An example of such an authorised store is spares2you. Spares2you is a family run business located in Rustington, West Sussex in the United Kingdom. Founded in 2001, they have grown to become one of the go-to stores for spare parts of household devices, working tools and appliances of all kinds. They stock parts and accessories of different kinds from several hardware brands from around the world. As far as washing machines go, hoses are usually the first things to go bad. Spares2you currently have stocked up on appliance drain hoses, fill hose connectors, washing machine and dishwasher hot and cold fill hoses, universal split cold inlet hose with double valves among other parts. A visit to their store or a home service request from their maintenance officers will get machines working effectively once more.


Washing machines truly have revolutionized the way we do laundry and have greatly improved human living. It is only wise that proper care and maintenance are given to these helpful devices and when the need arises, replace worn parts with quality spares purchased at authorized stores like spares2you.

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