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It’s been a few months of home office and home schooling for a lot of us and possibly a few more to go before we can safely go back to the work. If at all?  Is this maybe how things are changing into a shorter working week as we can skip commuting? Will companies rethink how some jobs can be entirely done whilst working remotely or at least largely remotely? Is working from home the future? It might very well be, I think and work as we knew it before the pandemic is changed for ever.

If we work from home, it’s nice to have a home office or work corner dedicated to the daily work. As much as it can be challenging to find the right place and mindset to work: once we at least set up the ideal conditions, it will be definitely easier to get the mindset right.

Declutter your workspace

If you dedicate an area for your home office the first thing you need to do is clear out everything that is distracting and does not help with concentration. It doesn’t mean you have to set in a sterile room all day: it just means that your workspace free of miscellaneous items that can be tucked away. Have storage boxes or drawers and a place for everything. This helps to create a clean, streamlined aesthetic that prevents unnecessary distraction.

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Get the creative energy flowing

But some decorations and a few important personal items are not clutter – on the contrary! They can help you to feel one with your work space and feel more comfortable. These can be your favourite plants (plants are great to reduce stress, enhancing productivity and ever lowering your blood pressure), your favourite art work, motivational items, home scents, flowers or photos of your loved ones.

Have the right equipment

Nothing’s more infuriating when you have an important job to complete with a tight deadline and you have to battle with devices that are not suited well enough for the work. Sure enough there are many things to choose from but one thing is certain: the cheapest options are often end up letting you down when you least expect it to happen. So do your research what is the best suitable computer for you and then try to find where can you get it cheaper. If you need a desktop computer, simply look for all in one computers for sale and find the best one on the best price.

Don’t forget about proper lighting

Cool, bright lighting is a must if you’re going for a professional, productive ambiance. Home office too dark is not at all good for your mood or productivity. For a start, place your desk close to the window or facing the window if possible. Natural light is the best. But equally, finding the best lighting in your home office should do more than simply illuminate the space. When done properly, office lighting can help to keep you awake and alert, reduce eye strain, boost productivity levels, invigorate and inspire you.

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