The Next Chapter: Next Steps As A Newly Wedded Couple

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Your wedding day will be a lifelong memory you cherish. It took months, years of planning for that one magical day. After finally coming to fruition, you and your best friend have committed yourself to one another.

In the past year, there were approximately 2.02 million marriages that took place across the states. Many of these couples used guides to help them plan and prepare for their special day. However, most of them will not be aware of what to expect now they are newlywed couples.

So, what are the next steps as a newly wedded couple?

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Purchasing A Home

Living situations will differ for every couple. There will be some who will have lived together before marriage, whilst others will have not. If you are living together for the first time as a newlywed couple, it can be an adjustment.

You will want to buy your first home together. Purchasing your first home can be daunting. There are guides available from lenders to help you if you are a first time home buyer.

Ensure that you both have your finances in order. Check that you both have good credit ratings, as this will help you with obtaining a mortgage. Set budgets that you work for you both. These should include how much you can both put into savings. It will help towards buying your first home together.

Both of you should have an idea about the property you want. If your plans include children, look for properties that are ideal for families. If you are prioritizing work, search for well-connected areas to bustling cities with plenty of job opportunities.

Make Your Relationship A Priority

Married couples need to take time for their spouses. Continue to nurture your relationship even if you are married. Set time aside to spend quality time with one another. Limit any outside distractions and avoid letting negative conversations get in your way.

Want To Change Your Name

Changing your last name is not something all couples will do. If you have decided to legally change your last name to your spouses, ensure that your marriage license is easily accessible. You will need to show it when you go through the process of changing your surname.

There is a specific process to undergo to change your surname legally. You will need to follow it and inform certain offices about the change. All of your identification, such as your passport and driver’s license, will also need updating to include your new surname.

Marriage is an exciting chapter for newly-wedded couples. It marks the beginning of new changes, such as buying your first home or having children. The transition to married life will take practice, intention, and time.

There will be moments of conflict and turbulent times but do not be discouraged by them. Work together and move as a team. Your new unit will start to glide effortlessly. Both of you can enjoy the journey of being a married couple.

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