The Only Way Forward: Reusable Shopping Bags


Deadly plastic bags

I’m sure you have seen at least one of the recent photos and videos circulating on the internet: a tortoise tangled in plastic bag. Or a diver filming himself in swimming the plastic polluted sea. These images are popping up more and more frequently on social media feeds. Unfortunately they are coming from every corner of the world. We, environmentalists owe a huge thanks to Sir David Attenborough and the new Blue Planet series. Thanks to that, there are lots and lots of people realising how badly we are damaging our own living space, our only planet. I’m fully aware of how depressing is to see these images day after day, but this is the reality of plastic pollution and we can’t escape from it.


Reusable shopping bags

What can we do about it?

But we can do something about it. Each and every plastic bag counts. Don’t buy them. Refuse them.

Luckily there is a carrier bag tax already implemented in the UK and many other countries. However, I feel like that a few pence of charge will not really stop people using plastic bags. Instead, we need to think about what did we use before the the plastic bags came along. Well, that’s right: reusable bags and baskets. They are more sturdy so they take more, they can be made of already recycled material and can look a lot more stylish too.

Jute bag

The only way forward is reusable bags

Reusable shopping bags from Crazy Bags are perfect for any small or big businesses whether you need it for promotional or retail purposes. The bags are made of eco friendly cotton, jute/hessian or canvas. These reusable shopping bags are manufactured and sold from ethical and green sources, with full SEDEX accreditation. They also come in different sizes and Crazy Bags offer free design too, so it’s completely bespoke.

Drawstring bag

This is a collaborative post. Crazy Bags is a B2B retailer and the bags are sold in bulk.

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