The Perfect Celebration for Each Occasion

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With warmer days and summer on the horizon, many of us are looking forward to celebrating in the sun, whether for anniversaries, birthdays or to celebrate the end of another academic year.  There is no correct way to celebrate an achievement or milestone, and not every celebration has to be a huge event. Some of the best celebrations can be small and intimate, doing something that makes you happy – such as a long countryside walk or buying yourself some fresh flowers.

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A birthday may be one of the largest and most exciting celebrations in your life, with quality time spent surrounded by friends and family on your special day. Although every birthday is unique, some are viewed as more special than others, such as large milestone birthdays – 18,21,30,40,50, etc.  These provide a great opportunity to reflect on your achievements so far and express gratitude, whilst creating goals and dreams that you hope to achieve by the time you reach your next birthday milestone approaches.


An anniversary is a perfect opportunity to spend time together, whether that be your 1st anniversary together or your 30th.  A perfect way to spend this special occasion together could be to visit the beautiful beaches of Cornwall, purchasing a caravan for the both of you to enjoy the scenic shores. Alongside exploring all the beautiful countryside that Cornwall has to offer, by night you can spend a romantic evening under the stars, stargazing with a bottle of bubbles and making memories to last a lifetime.

New Job

Starting a new job is always exciting, especially one that you have worked hard to secure and have had your heart set on for a long time. As a new job is so personal to you, the ultimate gift may be something that you have had your eye on for a while – such as a piece of jewellery or that new pair of trainers you always stop to admire.


A perfect way to celebrate graduation with your friends is to have one final night out in your university city, or even a cocktail night in your home city.  To celebrate this fantastic achievement with family, why not visit your local theme park and zoo, to learn more about the animals that share our planet.

Passing a Test

Passing a test that you have studied hard for is always a huge weight off your shoulders, especially a test that can open up more opportunities, such as passing your driving test.  Although the aftermath is a massive buzz- the lead up can be very stressful and tiring, so it is always good to take some time for yourself after everything is finished. How about giving yourself a pamper day and spending the afternoon at a spa enjoying a massage and afternoon tea to really destress and rejuvenate. Or treat yourself at home, light a candle, and soak in a bubble bath with your favourite book.

No matter how you choose to celebrate your special occasion, it’s important to remember there is no right or wrong way to celebrate and the most important thing is usually overlooked – do something that you will enjoy.

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