The Power of a New Hair Do


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Getting a new hairdo might seem indulgent, but did you know that it can have a positive effect on your mental health and well-being?

Haircuts, shade changes, and root touch-ups are all trends we can expect lots of celebs and fashionistas to try in the coming months. Loose waves with long straight layers over the ears is a hairstyle that won’t go out of style any time soon.

A new hairdo can be the making of a person.

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Benefits of Change: Self-Esteem Boost

Facial self-esteem is hugely influenced by hair. You may be familiar with the old saying, ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’, as people are inclined to find a certain type of hair attractive.

The key takeaway is that trying out new styles is a good idea. Something fresh, something different. A new cut will help you feel more confident and attract more positive attention from others.

Dealing with Hair Loss or Thinning

If you’re dealing with hair loss or thinning, a new hairdo might offer you some comfort. Changing your look might have a positive impact on your self-esteem and confidence.

Speaking to a professional hair loss clinic, like Harley Street Hair Clinic, will benefit anyone facing hair loss. These professionals can help you decide on the steps you can take, be that a change in routine to protect what hair you do have, or even a hair transplant in more drastic cases.

Benefits of Change: Getting out of Your Comfort one

Make no mistake; change can be scary. Change can scare us so much that we avoid it at all costs. However, to keep up with the latest trends and products, you can’t help but try out new styles.

Let’s face it, most people tend to stay in their little comfort zone. We don’t want to feel like we’re different or stand out in a way that isn’t comfortable. However, trying new looks will force you out of your old ways of running things.

You might be surprised at your confidence levels when you’re rocking a sexy new hairstyle.

New Look Inspiration: Celebrity Trends

A new look can be a goal for many, and what better inspiration than your favorite celebrities, right? A new celebrity haircut could be the key to helping you change up your look and boost your confidence.

Here are some of the most popular looks set to be the biggest hair trends right now:

  • The Long Bob – The long bob is one of the hottest haircuts around now. It can look edgy and cool or classy and feminine, depending on how it’s styled.
  • Beach Waves – This trendy look looks great on brunettes. It’s popular amongst rock stars, pop stars, and celebrity women.
  • Short and Sassy – With short hair, being a woman has never been so fun. From bobs to chin-length cuts, this style offers a cool and edgy new option for any woman to try out.
  • The Faux Hawk – A new trend that’s sweeping through the world of celebrities is the faux hawk.

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