The Real Benefits of a Campervan Holiday

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As the months on the calendar continue to roll on and we get ever closer to the summer months, holidays are often at the forefront of people’s minds. Being able to take some time away from work, relax and recharge the batteries is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. The range of holidays that you can go on now is extensive, but the benefits of a campervan holiday could well make your next holiday one to remember. If you are looking for a vehicle with more space, we recommend to check these 5th wheel brands that can help you choose.


Flexibility to go where you want

One of the most significant benefits to campervan holidays is the flexibility it provides to go wherever you like. There are some limits to this based on availability at camping sites, but if you are looking to holiday in Europe, a campervan can provide the ideal basis for your travel. Booking camping sites to stay on in advance is advised, but if you want to go where the wind takes you, and you’re happy to stay at any location with space, then the campervan does provide fantastic freedom and can bring a considerable amount of variety to your holiday.

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Easier than pitching a tent at each spot

Having found the campsite you’re going to stay on, another benefit with the campervan is the ease with which you can arrive and have your home away from home set up. With traditional camping, once you arrive at the site, you have to spend, in some cases, a significant amount of time setting up your tent and unpacking your car. Compare this with a campervan where the only set up required in most cases is filling up the water supply and connecting to the electricity. This far easier set up makes arriving, and leaving, a camping site much less stressful and time-consuming. which can enhance your precious holiday time and result in you having a holiday to remember.


You always have a mode of transport

One of the great things about going on holiday to a new location is being able to explore the area. While apps such as Uber, along with traditional taxi’s and public transport, have made this easier than walking everywhere, having a vehicle of your own is often the easiest way to explore. Compared to staying in hotels and having to hire a car, campervan hire allows you to combine your accommodation with your transportation. This means wherever you go you always have access to a vehicle, and often this can save you money compared to paying for accommodation and hiring a car. 


Ability to self-cater or eat out

Going on holiday provides an excellent opportunity to try new food and local cuisine. However, if you are staying in a hotel, eating restraint food every night can get tiring, not to mention expensive. Campervans provide you with cooking and storage facilities which allow you to cook for yourself when you want. This is not only helpful when you’re just craving a simple home cooked meal, but can be essential if you’re going to explore more remote areas which may not have a selection of restaurants. However, if you do want to eat out, you have a vehicle to drive to the restaurant and the ability to store food to use at a later date.


More storage space

Something which is often challenging when going on holiday is working out what to pack and what to leave at home. If you are travelling in Europe, even during the summer, you can’t assume it’s going to be hot sunny days all the time, so having a selection of clothes for all eventualities is advisable. When camping or staying in a hotel, however, you are often limited in the amount of clothing and items you can bring to the size of your suitcase or your car. Campervans however often have significantly more space which means you have more storage space to either bring things with you or take them back home.

Overall, a campervan holiday has several significant benefits which can enhance your precious holiday time and result in you having a holiday to remember.


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