The Ultimate Guide to Create a Travel Video Worth Watching

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You can make a travel video even if you’re just starting without spending much money or time on it. Besides providing us with unforgettable experiences and memories, traveling allows us to learn more about the way of life and culture of the destination. 

Taking pictures of these joyful experiences is one method of revisiting them. It would be more organized if we had a combined film of our travel experiences in one video rather than having to view hundreds of videos to relive them, even if the goal is not to flaunt your editing skills to the world.

Travel videos have become very popular in the last decade. People love to share their experiences, and watching travel videos is one of the best ways to do that. 

As a result, there is an oversupply of travel videos on the web. It is hard to create a travel video that truly stands out. Creating a travel video that people want to watch is even harder. 

This blog will help you get started with creating travel videos as a beginner for social media or any video platform.

camera blogger vlogger photography

Pre-Requisites for A Travel Video

If you have taken up the challenge and started creating your travel videos, you might ask: what type of camera should I use? How do I edit my videos? How do I make sure people watch them? How do I shoot a video that will make me stand out from the rest?

Read on to find out.


You can go for a DSLR if you are well-versed with cameras. But you can shoot with your phone camera because you do not need the best gear to shoot travel videos.

When creating a travel video, it is important to show a range of shots. 

There are plenty of ways to create videos, which have the potential of being entertaining and informative, and that do not involve the use of a high-end camera or an entire production team. You will often find that using a small and discreet camera will allow you to capture more natural moments on camera than if you were using a larger camera.

Decide The Topic/Theme

Trips are often unpredictable and spontaneous. We cannot always shoot something as planned because, on trips, everything goes as per the nature and time of that particular place. 

So deciding on the topic will save you the most time. 

Do you want it to be a niche video, guide video, an explanation video, or just a slideshow of a few photos and videos? You will get an answer by answering these questions.


Editing all the material without a vision will put things out of place. After you have decided on a theme or topic, shoot material only related to it and see how you will show it to the world. 

Play all the material in your head that will be edited later.

Tips To Make Your Travel Video Stand Out

Set Up Your Camera Before Shoot

You can afford a lot of time if you set the camera picture profile before leaving the trip. Sit with your camera for some time, experiment, and find the right settings for shooting your travel videos. 

Use the same settings throughout your trip.

Shoot Enough Amount of Material To Edit

You should not overshoot or feel like you do not have enough content to edit the video. Shoot smartly and shoot only the prominent scenery. If you have a story with relevant photos and videos and exciting shots that will captivate the viewers, then an online professional video editor can help you put all the shots together with dazzling effects and tilt the videos as you want. 

Get to work when there is sunlight and shoot beautiful places. You do not have to shoot every second you are on your trip. 

Traveling can be anything for you: inspiration or just an experience, but remember, do not travel only for beautiful shots. By doing this, you will have a more satisfying trip.

Make The Country The Center Point

Nobody is interested in watching how you are living in a new country. Make the video more about the country. Show people the country like a story. 

Travel videos do not have to be about exotic locations as well or be filled with gorgeous shots. 

A travel video can be about anything, as long as it is interesting to the viewer. It can be about a place, an event, a person, an idea, or even an object. 

The purpose of the video is to transport the viewer to your destination, to make them feel like they are there. When people travel, they don’t like to see the same old sights. They want to see something new and exciting, something they cannot see at home.

Shoot local people, their lifestyle, architecture, monuments, historical places, etc. All combined will give you an engaging story that viewers will watch. 

Experiment With Your Shots

Creating a video of your travel experience can be challenging. Figure out the best places to film, what shots to get, and how to tell your story in the best way. 

But, there is one little-known secret to creating a travel video that is sure to draw in your audience and captivate them from the very beginning: diversify your video shots. 

When people think of diversifying their video shots, they immediately think of getting different camera angles, close-ups, and wide shots and then turning around and filming themselves. 

But, did you know you can also diversify your video by changing your shots based on the story you are telling? By using a technique called “cutting away,” you can add variety to your shots to keep your audience interested.

Traveling and shooting will not have the luxury of getting the right shots. That is why you need to experiment with every shot you can. Try time lapse, warm shots, glooming shots, panning left, right, up and down shots, spinning, slow motion, and transition shots. 

Connect Your Shots

When you return from your trip, you should be able to connect the dots and show a story to the viewers. This will be possible if you go on the trip with a vision and bring the vision to life. 

You can stand out from the crowd by using a video editor and giving your video a dominant effect, transitions between shots, colors, shapes, and luminance in a single flow with no cut. 

As shooting a travel video is spontaneous, you might not get the desired shot at the time of the shooting, but you can make it possible by using a video editor. Give the shape, spin, transition, effects, and color, and experiment with everything while editing to bring your travel experience to life. 


Shooting travel videos is an art that is just gaining popularity. With the massive amount of video content on the web and the limited time people have to sift through it, creating a video that stands out from the rest is an immense challenge. To stand out, follow this guide and create a video worth watching!

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