Things That Are Not So Bad To Do During Pregnancy As You Once Had Thought


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Pregnant women are stressed about what they should or should not do during pregnancy. They may be busy thinking about what they could have possibly done wrong while they are looking at clothing for the baby to pick up so they are prepared for when the baby comes so they focus on something better instead of worrying too much about what they may or may not have done wrong. That means when they are looking at the cute baby onesie, they try to focus on the excitement of bringing a new baby into their family instead of worrying too much about the possible wrong things they did.

There are several issues. Firstly, what is done is done, and there is no turning back. Chances are whatever was done such as having that sip of wine or breathing in that second-hand smoke before being aware of the pregnancy will not have harmed the baby at all. Additionally, some of the things that pregnant moms think they may have done which are not allowed during pregnancy may not be as bad as they think. And perhaps the things they thought were not allowed during pregnancy are not so off-limits as it was once believed. Let’s look at the things that were believed to be off-limits during pregnancy which actually is not right now.


1. A Little Coffee Is Fine

At one time it was believed that coffee was absolutely not allowed to be consumed during pregnancy. However, studies have found that taking in 200 mg of caffeine or less a day will have no impact on the developing baby. That means a 12 oz cup of coffee is just fine to have during pregnancy a day. Or it is best to go for an 8 oz coffee if you plan to add some chocolate into a day as chocolate does contain some caffeine.

2. Forgetting To Take Prenatal Vitamins Is Not Such A Big Deal

Prenatal vitamins are recommended to take especially in the first trimester as it is insurance that the mom is getting all the nutrients needed to help the baby. However, if it isn’t taken or cannot be taken due to nausea, it will not have a significant impact on the baby at all. Remember that before prenatal vitamins were even a thought, the majority of people were born just fine.

3. A Little Sugar Is Not Going To Harm The Baby

Pregnant women have been told to lay off the sugar because it can increase rapid weight gain which can increase other complications such as gestational diabetes or preeclampsia. However, having a scrumptious sundae once a week or some candy is not going to have an impact on your blood sugar levels or your weight – unless you already have gestational diabetes which was diagnosed. However, if not, go and enjoy the indulgence once in a while as moderation is the key in everything.

4. Some Stressful Days Will Not Have An Impact On The Baby

Stress in life cannot be avoided. However, many moms fear that having too many stressful days would be harmful to the baby. It is ideal to find a way to manage the stress such as meditating or breathwork but a few days of getting stressed out will not cause any problems. So that means if you have stress on a particular day, don’t let it get more out of hand because you are stressed over the fact that the stress is going to have a bad impact on your baby. If anything it will make you feel more uncomfortable which you will not want either.

5. Having Some Restless Nights Here And There Will Not Harm The Baby

Pregnant women have been told that getting a good night’s sleep each night will keep the baby healthy. However, that is not always going to be realistic. Especially if the bladder keeps you awake. And even though it is ideal to have as many restful nights as possible, it will not make a dent if there are a few sleepless nights here and there. It will just make you feel worse as you will be fatigued as it is from pregnancy alone. In that case, if you have some nights were you are not getting enough sleep, be sure to catch up on some cat naps.

6. Not Quitting Smoking Cold Turkey

The one thing that causes every expectant mom that finds out she is pregnant and she is a smoker. She would be worrying how much harm would have been caused to her baby from smoking what she did. However, it is far worse for her to go through withdrawal symptoms of quitting smoking than having some puffs in early pregnancy. The first thing to do is to calm down and relax and then find a plan to work with while working with the doctor to wean off. And by 14 weeks she should be ready to quit. That is the time when smoking will have an impact and not before that. No need to quit cold turkey.

7. Having Intimate Times With The Partner

The one thing that pregnant women worry about is if sex during pregnancy will harm the baby. The answer is no it won’t. That is unless the care provider has specifically said not to do it. But other than that, the cervix is protected by the mucus plug so the semen will not get into the womb. The only time to be careful is right at the end as the thinning cervix can result in early labor.

However, the staff at Lavendersun would not be sharing any of this if there was a risk at all. But after numerous studies, these things are not nearly as prohibited as they were once believed. That means that expectant moms can relax and no longer have a need to worry about the baby being harmed at all. A little bit of something sinful is not going to cause any real problems at all.

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