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Three Life Changes to Reduce Stress Levels

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As humans we’re designed to feel a full spectrum of emotions, and unfortunately that does include a number of negative ones. Stress, in particular, being one of them. It’s something that all of us experience from time to time, and while it can be helpful (it makes us alert to danger and works well at keeping us alive!) prolonged periods of stress can be really damaging. Reducing all stress from our lives is impossible, instead we need to learn to deal with it in the best way. Here are some changes well worth making. 

happy girl with balloons

Get organised

There’s so much of life that we can’t control, and when we focus on what we can’t change the world can seem scary and chaotic. However, there’s so much of life that we can influence, and one thing each of us can do to command more control of our daily lives is to get organised. While other variables might come into play that risk making us run late or spoiling our plans, we can be as prepared as possible by thinking ahead a little. Get your clothes, lunch and work documents ready the night before so your morning runs as smooth as possible. Put some essentials in your car or bag from an umbrella to tissues so you’re not caught short. Plan your meals and shop to a list so you don’t end up standing in an empty kitchen at 6pm wondering what you’re going to eat. Often in life, it’s not huge, dramatic things that create stress (as these tend to be rare) but a series of smaller things. Getting organised can keep these stresses at bay, and make you feel as though you’re in control of your life. 

Make your work more flexible

Work can be stressful, not only do you have to turn up and do your job, any overtime and listen to your boss but you also have to physically get there. Battling the roads or public transport at peak times can be a huge stress within itself. If you’re sick of being stuck in the rat race, why not consider doing something else? These days, it’s becoming increasingly common to work from home, either as a remote worker for a company or as your own boss. It’s definitely something to look into if you want more freedom with your working hours, and are fed up of commuting to and from the workplace. 

Utilise the help that’s out there

Many of us are programmed to feel like we need to do it all alone- that asking for help makes us weak or a failure. But it’s just not true, and is an incredibly unhealthy mindset to have. If you’re caring for elderly family members, consider a care service like Porthaven to ensure their needs are met which can take the stress off you. If you have a busy household, hire a cleaner or a nanny who can put in a few hours and take off some of the strain. 

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