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Tips For Gifting To Men That Are Hard To Shop For

by eva.katona@yahoo.com
Christmas gift

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Why is it that men are often harder to shop for? They don’t usually help themselves when they respond with a half-hearted ‘I don’t know’ when asking them what they want for their birthday or any gift-giving holiday.

What do you get the men that are hard to shop for? Here are some tips to help make that guessing game a little easier this year.

Christmas gift

New clothes

New clothes are often required as not every man is a fashion icon like Tan France from Queer Eye. They may not spend a lot of money on themselves when it comes to clothes. 

Instead, they may rely on the kindness of friends and family to gift them some new clothes. Whether it’s men’s sweatshirts or a plush new winter coat, a new closet wouldn’t go amiss for some men in your life.

Espresso machines

When it comes to household goods, it’s not typically the case that men will be itching to get a kitchen appliance on their wishlist. However, for those that are a great fans of coffee, they’ll certainly appreciate the delicious creations from an espresso machine. 

Why spend a fortune on chain coffee shops when you can make coffee-shop quality espressos and coffees from the comfort of your own home? There’s nothing like it!

Socks and underwear

There seems to be a similar pattern of occurences when it comes to a man’s socks and underwear drawer every time Christmas comes around in particular. Socks with holes in them and pants that have some suspicious markings are all key indicators that the guy needs some new socks and undergarments in their life.

It may be a little too personal depending on the relationship had with the man in question but when it comes to your partner, it can be the perfect gift idea that they need. After all, they will certainly get much use out of them.

A new watch

Sometimes, the man in your life – or men – might want a flashier gift than most. A new watch is often a great accessory that a lot of men will love to see in their stockings for the festive period.

Watches are a great gift that goes with most outfits too depending on the size and style of the watch. If you’re struggling with gifts, this is a great idea. 

But in true sustainable style – you can also gift a watch strap, if that’s what needed. For example an Apple Watch will sometimes benefit form some stylish replacement bands even whilst the watch itself is perfectly working. So in this case, you can choose a new watch strap as a gift

Gift cards – if all hope has been lost

It’s often considered the most unthoughtful gift but sometimes, it’s what makes the recipient the happiest. With that said, if all hope has been lost to know what the other half wants, then just opt for gift cards instead.

You won’t find many people turning their nose up at a gift card, ideally redeemable at their favorite stores. If you’ve got a bit of scope in the budget, get a few gift cards at varying stores to mix it up a little.

While these gents are hard to shop for, they do make it a fun challenge every time their birthday or Christmas comes around.

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