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Tips On How To Select The Best Hat For Your Head Shape

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Choosing the best hat that fits your head shape can be confusing sometimes. It can be disappointing to spot a hat that looks amazing on a mannequin. Then, you find out it looks the opposite when you try it on your head.

It is a bit of struggle that keeps you stuck in a vicious cycle of disappointment. You’ve probably become hat paranoid and concluded that hats might not just be for you.

However, if you are reading this article, it shows you really desire to know how to select the best hat for your head shape. Well, we have good news. As there is a hat for every occasion, there is also the perfect hat for every head shape.

In this article, we’ll give you tips on how to select the best big hat for your head shape.

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Determine Your Head/Face Shape

The first tip towards selecting the best hat for your head shape is to know your head shape. There are various types of head shapes. This is why a hat that looks amazingly stunning on your friend might not be a fit for you. However, if you can determine your head shape, chances are high you’d reduce your hat-fashion disappointments.

To start with, the most common head shapes are oval, round, oblong, heart, square, triangle, and diamond. There’s a high tendency for your head shape falls into one of these categories. We’ll describe each head shape so you can further determine what category you belong to. 

Oval Shape

If your head or face has a length that is approximately one and a half times beyond your face width, then you most likely have an oval head shape. 

Other additional details on your face, like when your forehead is slightly larger than your jawline, and the angle of your jaw is more round, also confirm you have an oval head shape. 

Round Shape

Unlike an oval head shape, if the width and length of your head are roughly the same. Then, you fall in the round head shape category. In addition, if you have a round chin and full cheeks, these further confirm that you have a round head shape. 

Did you know if you have a round face, you look naturally younger compared to other head shapes?

Oblong Shape

An oblong head is somewhat similar to an oval head shape. The length of an oblong face is also longer than its width. However, the width of an oblong face is more than that of an oval head. You may have a high forehead if you have an oblong head shape. Then, your forehead, jawline, and cheekbones will be roughly similar in size.

Heart Shape

The heart shape is a rather common head shape. If you have a very narrow chin with a broad forehead and wide cheekbones, then you have a heart head shape.

Square Shape

The square shape is known to have its length and width equal. So, if your head shape has a length roughly equal to its width, then you have a square-shaped head. 

Also, the distance from your forehead to your chin when compared to the distance from your chin to chin is approximately the same as well.

Triangle Shape

For a triangle head shape, you’ll have a prominent jawline with relatively smaller cheekbones. In addition, you also have a small forehead. The length of a triangle head shape varies. They are also referred to as pear-shaped faces.

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Tips on How to Select the Best Hat for your Head shape

Oval Shape

If you have an oval head shape, you can try out different varieties of hats. The oval head shape is very versatile, especially for women. So, you can pick up any hat that suits your mood. All you need to worry about is the hat’s harmony with your outfit.

Round Shape

With a round head shape, you’ll need to add some asymmetry to your facial appearance. You can try out a fedora, baseball cap, or a newsboy hat. They should fit conveniently.

However, stay away from hats with round crowns. These hats make your face round and more pronounced. You don’t need hats that add to your facial symmetry. It would be best if you choose a hat with a high crown and flat brim. This gives your face some asymmetry.

If you have a round face, your primary aim is to select a hat that wades the attention of your facial curves. For styles, you can slant your a little bit forward. This draws out your face and gives it some more definition.

Oblong Shape

If you have an oblong head shape, you should try out hats with low crowns and flared brims. Examples of these hats are sun hats, cloches, or fedoras with a large brim. 

However, it would be best if you also steered clear of any hat with a tall crown. These hats make your head appear more elongated. If you wear a cloche low to your eyebrows, it helps conceal your prominent forehead. A fedora with a large brim also offsets your vertical facial curves.

Heart Shape

For a heart head shape, you should go for a hat with a medium-sized brim. Hats such as a fedora, a cloche, a boater, a beanie, a beret or a homburg will make a great choice. These hats help you to balance your forehead width.

In addition, you can slant your hat to one side. This will make your face appear slim and put your eyes at the center of attention. You can try different types of hats but avoid hats with large brims. 

Square Shape

You already have a symmetrical face, so it would be best to try out hats with circular styles. These hats would be able to soften or reduce the definition of your facial edges. Long-brim Hats with a round crown should do the trick. 

Also, you can opt for a sunhat, cowboy hat, homburg, cloche, or toque. They are good for women. They also give a flirty touch. It would be best if you avoided hats with no or short brims. These hats emphasize your facial angles.

Triangle Shape

Just like the oval head shape, if you have a triangle head shape, you can try out as various hats as you want. All you need to pay a little bit of attention to is that your hat should balance your shoulder line and accentuate your garment. But avoid hats with very narrow crowns.

Bottom Line

You don’t have to be worried about being disappointed when getting yourself a hat. All you need to do is identify your head shape and get a hat that brings out your beauty.

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