Tips On Staying Relaxed At The Airport When You Are Delayed

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Tips On Staying Relaxed At The Airport When You Are Delayed

Being delayed can be a really frustrating thing. It can make us feel stressed because we do not want to be there and we could be in a hurry to be elsewhere as well, which could make things even worse. Therefore it can be a good idea to have some idea on how to stay relaxed. This will help you to feel happier with your situation as well as help the time to pass more quickly. Thinking about how you will be compensated can also help relieve some of the stress!

Use a meditation app

There are many free meditation apps and they can be really useful in situations like this.It is worth downloading a few and trying them out in advance so that you know that you have one available that you like. You may find that the wi-fi signal is poor at the airport and it may be tricky to download one there. You also may find it frustrating trying to find an app that suits you and this would not help the situation.  Many of the apps are free or have free trials so you should be able to find one that you like even if you do not have any money to spend on apps. You will need headphones though, to be able to listen to it effectively in a busy airport without disturbing anyone else.

Walk around

Moving around can be a good way to burn off adrenalin. This should help you to calm down if you feel stressed and anxious. It can also be a good way to pass the time, perhaps if you walk around shops and see what they have or just among people and take a look at what they are doing. It can be good, either way, as it allows you to see some different things and this will distract you from the stress of being delayed too.


Chat to people

Some people find it useful to chat to others. You are in the same situation and so you share something in common and so should find something toc hat about. Then this will allow you to find out whether you have anything else in common and chat about it. It can help to share your troubles and to also know others are having similar problems and just chatting can help you to feel better. It should also help to pass the time more quickly which could make the delay feel less frustrating.

Find something positive to read

Reading can also be a good way to pass the time. However, if you read something negative, like a newspaper, you could end up in a bad mood and feel more annoyed with the delay. Therefore try to read something more positive such as a humorous story or a lifestyle magazine. If you do not have one, then you should be able to buy one at the airport and it should help to keep your spirits up.

Do some sketching or colouring

A lot of people find that doing art is relaxing for them. Even if you do not consider that you are good at art, it can be a good thing to have a go at. As long as you are not self-critical and you look at it as a way to relax it can be great. You can just get lost in the detail and concentration that is needed and it can take your mind off all sorts of things including being delayed at the airport.

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