Top 4 Anti-Ageing Tips to Keep Your Body and Spirit Young

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No matter how hard people try, the ageing process is unstoppable. Although you can’t prevent old age, there are a few things you can do to slow premature ageing. From changing certain food habits to looking after your body and soul, here are a few anti-ageing tips to help keep you looking and feeling young for longer.

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Reduce AGEs to Tackle Premature Ageing

Studies show that advanced glycation end products (AGEs) play a significant role in premature ageing in adults. AGEs are compounds formed when fat or protein mix with sugar in the bloodstream. Not only do they speed up ageing, but they have also been associated with certain health conditions such as heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes and kidney failure. They are present in high levels in foods that are cooked using a high temperature method, such as frying, toasting and grilling. To reduce your intake of AGEs, try to cook food using different techniques. Stewing, boiling and poaching food can reduce AGEs. Cooking food in a moist heat for less time at a lower temperature can also help tackle AGEs too. For example, you can try steaming vegetables instead of pan frying them and using a slow cooker instead of an oven. If you can’t give up your grill or your oven, try cooking meat with vinegar or lemon juice as it can reduce AGEs by around 50 percent.

Choose Wholesome Food

Besides your cooking technique, the food you choose to fuel your body can also keep premature ageing at bay. Wholesome foods like fresh vegetables, fruits and whole grains contain low levels of AGEs. On the other hand, processed food, fried food and some animal products are high in AGEs. This includes microwave meals, mayonnaise, certain cheeses and red meat.

Take Care of Your Hair

When it comes to appearances, many people focus on their body and their skin. However, healthy hair can take years off you. To keep your hair in tip top condition, try to limit the amount of time you spend using hot tools and keep styling products to a minimum. You should also be wary of sun damage. Many people think of their skin when it comes to sun protection, but excessive sun exposure can damage hair and cause it to become brittle. Protect your hair with a hat or simply stay out of the sun whenever possible. People who are unfortunate enough to have experienced a dramatic loss of hair already can seek hair restoration services from hair care professionals. Procedures such as a medical hairline tattoo or a FUE hair transplant can totally revitalize your look. These procedures will not only help you look younger, but they will also help you feel youthful again too. For more information about hair restoration services, visit

Stay Limber With Yoga

It is natural for your body to feel sluggish and creaky as you get older but you can combat the effects of old age by practicing yoga. This low impact exercise can help improve balance and strength, and it will help you stay limber too.

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