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The magnificent state of Georgia attracts countless tourists every year with its beauty and warm climate. The whole state seems to be woven from the most diverse and impressive cities, stunning nature, and kind people. Therefore, in honor of such a beautiful place, we decided to provide you with a list of truly unique attractions that will interest you.

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How, having decided to visit the state of Georgia, can you miss its heart and capital the city of Atlanta? And it is better to start a trip around the state from here because a truly amazing airport will be an excellent first impression that will only gain a foothold over time. You should pick up a luxury car rental in Atlanta Airport and start exploring the city and its unrivaled atmosphere. 

Callaway Resort & Gardens

A great place to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature. Taking a break from work in the spas and pools is great, but there are activities for outdoor enthusiasts as well. Hiking, water activities, bike rides, a beautiful forest, a clear lake, and whole meadows of beautiful flowers. Everything here is also equipped for families, so there are many interesting things for children.

Cumberland Island

An unusual place with a long history that is worth a visit. Picturesque beaches and charming Dungeness Ruins, wild animals, unique fauna, dense maritime forest, and salt marshes prove that nature here is especially diverse and harmonious. And all this splendor is provided for you to explore, so you will always have something to do here.

Golden Isles

Golden Islands is a complex of a group of separate islands, where you can have a great holiday with the whole family. The warm climate, well-groomed beaches, and clear water and white sand attract tourists for a reason, and each of the islands is worthy of attention and radically different from the other.

georgia usa


When you think about this city, several things come to mind: a cozy town with a pleasant atmosphere, marsh forests that seem to have emerged from fairy tales, and a bewitching sea. Pleasant architecture, friendly townspeople, and a sense of complete peace and tranquility that’s what you’ll find here.


The small town, named as a tribute to the memory of the ancient Greek city, was created exclusively for students. The architecture of the city corresponds to its name, and here and there you can find monuments and sculptures to the Greek gods. Athens will be of particular interest to historians, and its museums and the University of Georgia will be interesting places to visit.


The so-called golden capital of Georgia is famous for its beautiful views of the Appalachian Mountains, pleasant atmosphere, and great wines. In autumn, Dahlonega is transformed and becomes like gold due to trees, and moderately warm weather allows you to enjoy walking along with it.

Tallulah Gorge State Park

This place is clearly for outdoor enthusiasts because you will need a lot of strength to make your way through the gorge and additional equipment. But it is worth it, because the scenery here is simply incredible, and you will even have the opportunity to swim in the water. You should also be aware that some places do not allow small children and pets.

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Amicalola Falls State Park

This park is known for the state’s highest waterfall and mysterious forests with hiking trails. But to see the waterfall itself, you will have to spend time and effort on the ascent, but the landscapes will delight you all the way. In addition, you can admire the trout bred in local streams. But be careful and do not catch it if you do not have a license.

Arabian Mountain

This magmatic mountain is truly beautiful, and some of the rare plants that grow here are endangered species. Also on the horn, there are many walking and cycling paths for a more comfortable trip on the mountain, which is one of the peaks. 


A small, cozy town of Macon, where you can visit many museums and a planetarium, explore the history of musical genres that originated here. And for fans of The Walking Dead game, this city will be interesting as the setting for the first three episodes.


Our list is far from exhaustive, as it contains only the most famous places of interest in the state of Virginia, but we hope you enjoyed our selection. We will also be happy to hear about places that were not mentioned, but you liked. We wish you successful travels and memorable adventures.


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