Top Tips For Buying Your Next Garden Shed

garden shed

You may be requiring a garden shed for several reasons. They will make your life much easier by helping out with storage of valuable items, entertaining the kids or having a cool place to retreat in the summer. When you get to the buying process, it helps to have some points of consideration in mind, so you can end up with a shed you are happy with long-term.

This article will therefore discuss some important things to think about such as planning permissions, shed style and materials, purposes and more. Moreover, when searching for garden sheds for sale, you can spend your money on something fit for the purpose and stands the test of time.

You want your garden shed to last for years to come without looking dishevelled so keep reading for some top considerations.

garden shed

Things To Keep In Mind When Buying Your Garden Shed

The Plans

The planning stage is crucial. In the majority of scenarios, you won’t be needing any planning permission as adding a garden shed isn’t affecting anyone around you. It’s always worth checking on your local government’s website however on their rules around this.

Another element of the planning phase is to ensure your shed is built on a solid foundation. This is especially important with heavy duty designs that carry more weight and therefore need a stronger surface. Depending on what you want, it may be best to contact professionals to provide you with further details.

TOP TIP: Let your neighbours know what’s going on. This way you keep everyone in the know and avoid creating any unexpected scenarios.


You’ll also want to consider where you’re putting your shed. The size and layout of your garden will ultimately decide what you can do with your shed. This will dictate the size you can opt for.

Thinking About The Purpose

You also want to get clear on what your garden shed will be used for. Do you want to use it as a workshop? Maybe you are a painter and need a quiet space that allows for mess? Or do you have large and valuable tools for gardening and are in need of extra storage? It’s good to get clear on what you are needing a shed for so you know the best design and features to look for before buying.

 The Design

The type of shed: wooden, metal, plastic or heavy duty, will need to be decided. You can also look into choosing from an array of designs from pre-painted to different shades. This is the fun part where you really get to personalise your garden shed so it blends in well to your garden.

It’s also wise to consider what’s important for your shed. Do you value longevity? Practicality? Aesthetics? Security? This will help you look for the most cost effective shed that fits your needs and requirements. Another important element is the roof style. Each garden shed comes with its own distinctive roof so doing your research and viewing designs will help you choose the right one.


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