Top Tips For Creating Your Dream Games Room

couple playing console fun game

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Every gamer dreams of being able to create the perfect games room in their own home. But when it really comes down to it, what do you need to consider? Aside from a top-tier set up that comes with the perfect gaming chair, a great sound system and the perfect screen, consider adding some extras like a great display case for all your cool collectables, a comfy sofa or designer sofas for your friends or even your very own home arcade! Read through our top tips for creating your own dream games room and bring your ideas to life.

couple playing console fun game

The perfect gaming set up

Whether you’re a console gamer connected to a TV or a PC gamer, your screen will be the focal point of your room. Opt for a well-sized screen that lets you see everything you’re doing at a high quality. Although it is tempting to go for the biggest screen size available, do take into account the size of your room and whether you’ll actually be able to play fast-paced games on a huge screen.

Another important thing is to consider is high speed internet connection from a reliable WI-FI provider. Or even better, the best satellite internet for gaming. Multiple internet providers are revolutionizing speeds and accessibility to the most remote locations, including Viasat and Starlink, providing more gaming options than ever. 

If you are a PC gamer, the desk you choose is very important. As well as matching the aesthetic of your room, you want to find a desk that can support both your computer and your monitor. Additionally, you want to ensure you have enough legroom and that it is raised to a height that you can see without having to slouch. If you have the budget available for it, consider purchasing a custom desk, particularly if your room is small or awkwardly shaped.

If you tend to play more often on a console, you’ll need to get a TV stand or mount your TV. Your TV stand should lift your TV to the right height, and space for storing your consoles and controllers underneath can be essential. If you choose to mount your TV, you will still need to store your console somewhere nearby, so a cabinet or storage unit could come in useful either way. Ensure that you purchase a TV that is designed for mounting if that is what you choose to do, as some can be too heavy.

Aside from your screen, you’ll want to get a great gaming chair that not only looks cool and is comfortable but also supports your back properly to stop you from injuring yourself sitting still for hours at a time. Consider picking a gaming chair that matches your room’s aesthetics with fun colours or patterns, or splash out and opt for a chair that features built-in speakers to really “level up” your gaming.

Suppliers such as Carpet Warehouse offer extremely soft carpets in a range of colours and styles to match your setup, and the modern materials make spills and mess much easier to clean, so you don’t need to worry about drinks and snacks causing problems.

If you ever bring friends around to play games with you or even a younger sibling who likes to watch you play, remember to include seating for them! A comfy sofa, armchair or futon makes for great extra seating that transforms your room into a cosy and welcoming social space. Remember to include side tables or coffee tables for people to put down snacks and drinks when it comes time for that next free-for-all Mario Kart battle.

As much as great visuals are one of the most important things in your gaming set-up, to truly create the most immersive gaming experience you need to include a high-quality audio set-up. Whether you opt for surround-sound speakers or a specially-made gaming soundbar, a great sound system will transform your gaming room.

Extras to upgrade your gaming room

Organisation is key in every part of life, and creating your dream games room is no exception. Install holders for your wires and keep them tucked out of the way to reduce hazards, and include lots of storage for all of your gaming equipment. Install some storage units that can hold all of your games and accessories when they’re not being used. Think about choosing open shelving to display your prized collection of 7 of the best retro driving games or your rare figurines of your favourite game characters.

Custom neon lights can also look cool and enhance the look of the game room. Check out these funny and bright neon lights from Neon Mama.

If you are someone who plays a lot of loud games into the night, or you stream online and tend to be quite loud during gameplay, soundproofing a game room can be great to prevent noise from disrupting everyone that you live with. Soundproofing may also be particularly useful if you are using your garage or somewhere external from your main home to serve as a gaming room.

If you really want to take your games room to the next level, why not include your very own home arcade? Including some retro arcade-style games will make your gaming room the place to be, and create an exciting and social atmosphere in your home. Fun for kids and nostalgic adults alike, a classic arcade game or even a retro pinball machine would make the perfect finishing touch to the perfect games room.

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