Top Tips For Garden Maintenance

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A beautiful garden is a great asset to your home. Not only does it give visitors a neat and impressive impression of your home, but it also provides you with a tranquil haven in which to relax and unwind among nature. However, without the proper care and attention, your garden can quickly become a disheveled jungle that is an additional source of stress in itself. Keeping on top of garden maintenance is a question of consistency; even an hour a week spent of yard tasks can ensure a tidy garden. Read on for some top tips for garden maintenance.

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Mow your lawn regularly

A lawn is a highlight for any garden, being used as anything from a sunbathing lounge to an impromptu football pitch. However, it can quickly become overgrown and unkempt. Mow your lawn at least once a week during summer and once every two weeks for the other parts of the year. Regular mowing encourages the grass roots to spread, helping to fill in gaps and prevent weeds from spreading. Get the best out of your lawn mower by keeping the blades sharp for continuous performance. It is also important that you check your lawn for hidden wildlife before cutting it to prevent any tragedies.

Clean your pond

A pond can become its own treasured ecosystem providing a home and essential watering hole for an abundance of wildlife. However, without regular care and attention, the water can quickly become dirty and even stagnate. Clean your pond by scooping weeds and algae from the surface so that light and oxygen can penetrate the water. A pond filter is an essential tool for pond cleanliness, as it removes debris and algae growth, as well as waste produced by fish, to maintain a healthy ecological balance. It also prevents your pond from stagnating by keeping the water moving and oxygenated. Check out for a range of pond filters that are ideal for fish ponds and garden ponds.

Regularly prune plants and flowers

Plants and flowers provide your garden with a riot of color and fresh greenery. However, once they have started dying off, they look less pleasing to the eye and can prevent healthy plants from accessing sunlight and nutrients. Prune and deadhead plants and dead leaves on a regular basis so that they are cleared before they drop and start rotting into the surrounding soil. You should also take this opportunity to remove any weeds and weaker plants to give your plants enough space and nutrients in which to thrive.

Paint your fences

From the wind and rain of winter to scorching summer temperatures, your fences are regularly battered by the elements. So, it comes as no surprise if they are a bit worse for wear. Give your fencing a bit of TLC with a fresh coat of specialist fence paint.

This helps to protect and preserve the wood to prevent rotting and extend the life of your fencing, as well as providing a rich color.

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