Travelling Safety: The Checklist for Caravans


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Every frequent traveller should have a checklist for ensuring safety, irrespective of how they are travelling – though the list might differ a bit depending on the mode of transport. So let’s take a brief look at the checklist for safe travelling in a caravan.


Travelling Safety: The Checklist for Caravans

The Pre-Trip Check

The pre-trip check is actually pretty standard for any kind of car trip, really, but a mobile home will require some extra maintenance checks as it is much bigger than most cars and has multiple additional functionalities. Go through the following points and see if you have everything under control.

  • Check the coupling and the safety chains to see if they are properly secured to the right places.
  • Look for dirt near the plug and socket; clean or change them if required.
  • Do a handbrake check; it should not feel too tight or loose, and once released, the handles should stay in that position.
  • Insulation on the tow bar wiring might need to be replaced if it hasn’t been replaced for a while.
  • Check the tyres for leaks and proper pressure; carry a spare tyre, or two!
  • It’s a big vehicle, so the corner stabilisers should be working perfectly.
  • Ensure everything inside the vehicle is properly secured before heading out, especially any breakables like glassware or chinaware.
  • The 240V and the 12V should work flawlessly.
  • Ensure that everything from car lights to toilets are working like they should.
  • The toilet cleaner chemical needs to be well stocked.
  • The toolkit should at least have a jack plate, tyre blocks, a wheel brace and of course, the jack.
  • There should also be a fire extinguisher inside the caravan at all times.

Those that are not gear heads may consider getting their caravan checked by a professional mechanic well before a big holiday with the family. However, if you plan to travel frequently in a caravan, you should at least know the basics of repairing it.

Do You Have Insurance?

While well-maintained caravans are a lot safer than many other vehicles on the road, insurance is still a legal requirement in the UK – and you’ll be glad you have it if you do ever end up in a road traffic accident. You can get your caravan insurance quote in a matter of minutes!

Still, just because you have to have it doesn’t mean you have to pay over the odds for it. Compare caravan insurance quotes with InsureMy from leading UK providers. Their comparison engine will help you find the best quote and the cheapest price.

Be Aware of the Location

Being aware of where you are heading is important, because you will be sleeping in the caravan at night, this being part of the experience. It might be tempting to spend a night in a remote and lonely place in the countryside, but it may not always be a good idea, particularly if you have children with you.

Always do a bit of research about the route you will be taking, if there are any possible dangers to the stops and any safe camping points before heading out. A little bit of preparation can go a long way here.

While this is not supposed to be a comprehensive list, it serves to remind caravans travellers about some of the most important points of ensuring safety nonetheless. Feel free to add to this checklist, because you can never really be too safe when you are on the road.

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