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Travelling With A Vape: What You Need To Consider

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Setting out on a new adventure can be equal parts exciting and stressful, so it’s important to do everything you can to negate the negativity of the stress where possible. When it comes to packing your essentials, writing lists, and ensuring you have your tickets and passports ready, there will still be a number of concerns popping up in your mind. Many vapers have been in the position where they’re heading through airport security and then suddenly realise that they have their vape pen and their liquids with them. As it’s such a constant item in your life, it can be easy to forget that there are rules and limitations for where you can take your vape, and so we wanted to create a simple guide for vapers when traveling. Here’s what you need to think about.

vape e-cigarette

Packing Your Vape

It’s very important to remember that most, if not all airlines request that you store your vape in your hand-luggage. Packing e-cigarettes in checked bags is usually strictly prohibited as they can be a hazard. At the same time, you have to remember that containers of liquid larger than 100ml are also prohibited through security. Avoid taking anything too large with you as they’ll be thrown away, wasting your liquid and your money. If you have larger containers of vape juice you can still bring them with you, however they’ll have to stay in your checked bags. Bring a small refill bottle that you can top up beforehand and pack your larger bottles to be used when you get to your destination. You’ll also need to place these smaller bottles in clear plastic bags when heading through security, like any other small, carry-on liquids. To reiterate, you must remember not to put your vape in your suitcase as this can be very dangerous.

Carrying Your Pen Safely

It’s also highly recommended for you to avoid filling your vape cartridges to the brim. Due to pressure changes on flights, these cartridges can crack, leak, and in some cases explode, however when you leave some air in the cylinder, this helps to offset these pressure changes and greatly reduces the chances of your vape breaking. You’ll also find that using plastic cartridges where possible can reduce your chances of a broken vape, as glass can break very easily under pressure.

Make sure you only use high quality vape mods and components like those from Superior Vapour. See the full range here to ensure you’ve got the best quality vape possible. When using a larger vape mod with a removable battery, it would also be wise to remove the battery and place it in a battery case. The issue with lithium batteries is that they can combust in high altitudes when accidentally punctured. Travelling around and packing lots of things in your luggage provides more opportunities for damage to your belongings and the lithium in these batteries generates a very high heat under pressure, so be very careful.

Where To Use Your Vape

If you’re sat waiting at the airport, especially if your plane is delayed, you may be wondering whether or not you can find somewhere to vape to help pass the time. Unfortunately, airports do not allow the use of vape pens inside the terminals and some after you pass through security entirely. There are some airports with smoking areas, although some of these are reserved for VIP members and first-class flyers. Don’t forget either that you’re also not allowed to vape outside of the terminal if you’re walking to your plane. Just because you’re outside doesn’t mean there aren’t safety regulations to follow.

Can You Vape On A Plane?

While many people ignore the rules, there are very strict laws that prohibit vaping on all airlines, just like smoking. While it’s considerably less risky, there is still the chance that you could set fire alarms off, which would lead to diversions, and if you are found to be the cause of this, you could face jail time. As mentioned above, there are some people who try to subvert these rules and that’s on them, but we can’t stress enough the importance of following these rules. Not only is it a huge hazard risk, it’s also incredibly unpleasant for other passengers who don’t want to smell your vape juice when they’re trying to relax, no matter how nice you think the flavour is. Resist the temptation to start vaping on a plane. It’s against the law and it’s just not worth the risk.

Always Check The Rules

While the rules tend to be fairly cut and dry among airlines and airports, it’s always important to check the rules wherever you are, as there can be some deviations. Not only do airport rules and regulations differ slightly from each other, but entire countries may have completely different laws on vaping too. In fact, you’ll find that some countries such as India, Egypt, and Brazil have banned vaping altogether so it may be best to entirely avoid bringing your vape to these places.

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