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Have you ever heard the argument that individuals are too little to change big things and no activist can change anything without big corporations making changes?

Well, the amount of times I’ve heard this, honestly. It is a valid argument of course. On one hand, we individuals can do a lot and every small action counts, they add up. It’s true and the more we as individuals make changes, the sooner things will change for the better. But of course, on the other hand, there’s only so much everyone can do and without big corporations listening to our demands – things will not change fast enough.

And time is what we don’t have. Most people are all clued up how climate change is accelerating and plastic is outweighing all natural masses on Earth – and that’s just two issues. Systematic changes are needed, it is now really time we all get on the same page.

But this is really a hard nut to crack. As anyone who considers themselves a climate activist can tell you, protests are just not cutting it. The media attention we can stir up is not enough. Those in power are not listening to us, nor the scientists. Yet, our future and our children’s future depend on these people. How insane is that?

So when Tulipshare contacted me to help them to introduce their new concept of activist investing, I jumped at the opportunity. I have been, in the past few years, actively campaigning for people to realise: their money and purchase power is everything. In the fight against climate change, we want to know what we are funding with our investments. What are the banks using our money for? Do they lend money to oil companies? Do they fund arms and wars? People need to be informed about this so they can make a better activist investing decision, without wiping our kids’ future out. 



About Tulipshare

Tulipshare is an activist platform (available on desktop and via an app) that identifies opportunities for ethical change within companies publicly traded on the NYSE and NASDAQ. The idea that activists can invest money behind social and environmental campaigns on Tulipshare’s platform.  Tulipshare then pools the shares behind their campaigns together, increasing the power of our collective voice, and then lobbies for change on our behalf.

Whilst we have often been working within our local communities to drive social change over profit, I think the idea of scaling this in a way that allows us to take on large corporations like Coca-Cola and Amazon is genius!

Tulipshare campaigns are based on impact – either through research their team is doing around specific issues or through campaigns our community has submitted for us to advocate for. Through Tulipshare, investors are able to have the potential to have a say in the way public companies are conducting their business in a way that was previously not possible.

This video also explains it well:

Current campaigns with Tulipshare

Tulipshare is running several campaigns such as:

  • Amazon – Ensure fair and safe working environments for Amazon warehouse workers
  • Apple – Allow independent and third party technicians to repair Apple products
  • Coca-Cola – Produce plastic bottles made from 100% recycled material
  • JPMorgan Chase – Stop JPMorgan Chase’s Investments in Fossil Fuels

But their campaigns are expanding all the time. I’ve chosen the latter to introduce to you and show how exactly the campaigns work.

As I mentioned above, making sure your money doesn’t fund climate change is one of the most important to make, not only as a climate activist but super important for anyone to know more about it and make an informed decision. Of course, big financial corporations could help a lot – but I don’t feel that they are doing it enough. They still fund fossil fuel companies and finance new fracking projects even. Which is an absolute nightmare given that in line with the new Paris Accord we can not have that happening if we want to keep global warming at 1.5 Celsius. This is essential.

Here are a few key stats about Tulipshare’s JPMorgan Chase campaign:

So this is why we need to act now.

Register in 2 minutes and help to shape a greener and more ethical future.


As with all investment, your capital is at risk. Tulipshare is an Appointed Representative of RiskSave Technologies, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FRN:775330.)

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