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Up All Night? The Ultimate Guide To Help Your Baby Sleep Like A Baby

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Becoming a mum is the most wonderful, life affirming event. All of a sudden you have this little human being that belongs to you, that you have to nurture and care for. The overwhelming unconditional love that you feel is like nothing you have ever experienced before in your life. The only niggles in your new lifestyle come at night time. Your little darling is up a dozen times a night, crying, anxious and hungry. This can make you fatigued, moody and irritable. While all babies go through a period of broken sleep as they adjust to a routine, some find night times more of a struggle than others. Take a look at this guide to helping your baby sleep through the night.

ultimate baby sleep guide


When feeding your cherub in the night, they shouldn’t take on the same vibe as daytime feeds. Whether you are breastfeeding or bottle feeding, daytime feeds should be lively, talkative and louder. Night time feeds should be almost silent, calm and relaxing. This should signify to your little one when sleeping should occur and help set his or her body clock. Some mothers even advocate a dream feed a couple of hours after you have put them down in an attempt to see their babies sleeping through the rest of the night.


Some babies are very sensitive to light and noise and need a peaceful environment in which to rest their sleepy heads. Consider purchasing blackout blinds so no street lights or moonlight can disturb your little one’s sleep. When thinking about how to install day and night blinds, make sure you purchase them ready made to your bespoke measurements, so they are easy to fit when they arrive.

ultimate baby sleep guide


The last few hours of the day should have structure and a relaxing bedtime routine. Bath time is a great way to bond with your little one, and foster a calm atmosphere. Put them into their pyjamas, switch the TV off and read to them or sing to them. Your voice will be soothing and hopefully, encourage tiredness to wash over them.

When your little one is ready to hit the sack, make sure you continue a routine. Take them to bed, switch on a musical toy or sing a lullaby to relax them. Comfort them for a little while and then leave the room. This should take around twenty minutes in total.

When trying to find a routine for your baby, don’t be put off or feel disheartened by those mums who boast about their child sleeping from 8 pm to 7 am without waking from the age of three months. All babies are different, and you simply have to find the routine that suits your little darling. Books are useful to a certain extent but don’t neglect your mother’s intuition. You know your baby and what is suitable for him or her so follow your gut when it comes to feeding times, structure and routine. Follow these simple steps, and it won’t be long before you can enjoy a full night’s sleep once again.


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