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Useful Tips for Garage Organisation

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A garage is a great storage solution, especially if you don’t need it for your car and have a small home. However, a garage can easily become a dumping ground for everything that you don’t have space for in the home, which can quickly create a nightmare when it comes to finding anything due to a complete lack of structure or organisation. If you’ve been avoiding your garage simply because there is so much stuff in there, here are some tips that you can use to get it organised again.

garage bicycle

Make Sure the Garage is Secure

Firstly, before you start organising, make sure that your garage is secure. You might be surprised to realise just how much value you have in there if you use it to store lots of things. Check the garage door for any weaknesses and consider having any broken openers, rusty hinges, or rotting wood repaired as soon as possible. Garage Door Max is a locally owned company offering a range of garage door repair services. They can even install a completely new garage door for you if yours has reached the end of its lifespan.

Take Everything Out

The first step is to take everything out of the garage. This gives you the chance to give the garage a good deep clean before you move everything back in and will make it easier for you to decide where to place everything without having to move things out of the way or step over them. Take a note of what you have and create a pile for anything that you are going to sell, throw away, or give away – chances are there’s lots of things in there that you no longer have any use for, and clearing these out will create more space.

Get Storage Solutions

Garage shelves, storage boxes, and drawers will be your best friend when it comes to organising your garage. You can never have too many ways to store your things. Shelves are the best option for any larger items; you can get free-standing heavy duty shelves designed for garages and install some shelves on the walls for smaller items that you need to access quickly, like hand tools. Storage boxes and drawers can be used to keep items in the garage clean, dry, and safe from dust while they are in storage. You can also use stickers to mark what’s in each box or drawer to make it easier for you to find what you are looking for.

Organise Items in Groups

While it might take a little bit more time to add some logic to how you organise your garage, you will certainly thank yourself for doing this later. Placing things in the garage in any which way will only mean that when you go to get several different things out of the garage that might be used together, you’ll have a harder time finding them. Instead, group items together based on their similarities – this will make everything much easier to find when you need them.

While a garage can be ideal for storage, it can easily get disorganised. Keep these tips in mind to make it easier for you to find anything you need from the garage, at any time.

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