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Travelling as a vegan isn’t always easy, and not all destinations cater to a plant-based diet. Luckily, Bali is actually a great place to visit if you’re a vegan, and there are a ton of restaurant options.

But, Bali is a big island, and not every part is ideal for vegans.

With this complete vegan guide to Bali, you’ll know exactly where to go, which restaurants to try, and how to have a great experience in Bali on a plant-based diet.

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Vegan Guide to Bali

 Is it easy to be vegan in Bali?

The Indonesian cuisine that is specific to Bali is actually pretty vegan friendly, with almost no use of dairy products and lots of meat replacements like tempeh and tofu.

Egg is commonly used, but easily replaced to make dishes vegan. In Bali, it’s common to have nasi campur, which translates to mixed rice. You’ll get to choose from dozens of dishes and create your own plate of delicious local food. Many of the dishes available are vegan, and when in doubt, you can always clarify with the staff.

With over 100,000 international expats and digital nomads calling Bali their permanent home, there is no shortage of restaurants from all around the world and vegan-friendly coworking spaces. In popular tourist areas, you’ll have no trouble finding vegan restaurants and many vegan options.

It’s definitely easy to be vegan in Bali, but of course, smaller towns in more rural areas will pose a bigger challenge. When in doubt, stick to cap cay, a steamed vegetable dish, and fried tempeh or tofu with rice, which is almost always available and vegan.

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Best area of Bali to stay in for vegans

Tourist areas have the largest selection of vegan options in Bali, especially Canggu, Seminyak, Ubud and also the up and coming Uluwatu.

Canggu especially has a fantastic selection for vegans, and it’s rare to find a restaurant here that doesn’t cater to a plant-based diet.

Avoid small towns in northern Bali away from the tourist crowds, where vegan food may not be so readily available and you might find yourself having to eat fried rice or noodles every day.

Best vegan restaurants in Bali 

If you’re a vegan in Bali and want to try some of the best options around, you definitely need to try the following restaurants at least once.


Sawobali in Ubud is one of the best places to go as a vegan in Bali. They offer an all-you-can-eat vegan buffet lunch every day for only IDR 50,000, which is very affordable. All dishes are vegan, with some vegetarian exceptions. The food is delicious, and with so many options, you’ll be spoilt for choice. If you’ve been wanting to try the best of local Balinese food as a vegan, Sawobali is definitely a fantastic place to go.

I Am Vegan Babe

I Am Vegan Babe was one of the first all-vegan restaurants in Canggu, and it’s consistently been one of the most popular. They have a large menu to choose from, and the restaurant is always busy with a mix of local residents and tourists alike. Definitely try their vegan burrito, which is absolutely delicious, or come for their amazing breakfast options. Vegan food doesn’t have to be boring, and I Am Vegan Babe is a great place to go if you’re looking for plenty of options.

Secret Spot

Secret Spot in Canggu, Bali, is a hidden gem for those looking for a great place for a vegan breakfast or lunch with friends. Located in a central part of the town, this cosy restaurant has a pingpong table and both indoor and outdoor seating, so you can choose whether you prefer AC or sitting outside. Specialising in vegan cuisine, Secret Spot offers an extensive menu that beautifully showcases the versatility of plant-based ingredients. From colourful smoothie bowls with tropical fruits to Italian and Mexican-inspired  dishes that incorporate local ingredients, there is definitely something for everyone. If you’re staying in Canggu, Secret Spot is a must-do.

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Warung Dua Hati

Warung Dua Hati is a lesser-known vegan restaurant in Canggu and is known for offering Balinese and Indonesian dishes that are completely plant-based. Come here to try specialities like Bakso or Sate skewers as a vegan, which you’d be missing out on otherwise. Warung Dua Hati (which translates to two hearts in English) is very good at meat replacements, and their seitan-based fake chicken is absolutely amazing and a must-try. Definitely stop by to dive deeper into Indonesian food as a vegan.

 Kynd Cafe

Kynd Community in Seminyak and Canggu is a vibrant and instagrammable cafe that has quickly become a must-visit spot for vegans in Bali. The menu is a celebration of creative plant-based cuisine, featuring their signature smoothie bowls and hearty salads to burgers and wraps, all made with fresh, locally sourced ingredients.

What sets Kynd Community apart is also their commitment to sustainable and supporting the local community. They actively engage in eco-friendly practices and community initiatives, reinforcing its mission to make a positive impact on the world.

We hope this Vegan guide to Bali has inspired you to eat deliciously on your next trip!

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