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Vision Direct Hay Fever Box Review

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Developing hay fever

A few years back, I have developed hay fever. Not sure why in my thirties, but there you go, springtime is hay fever season for me too. Not too bad, but nevertheless very annoying. Often unexpectedly, it would start with a series of sneezes which can go on for a few minutes straight. One after the other. Then a few minutes pause and repeat. My eyes and my nose would get itchy and I’d become very wheezy. It normally ruins 30-40 minutes of my life, because I can’t do anything else in the meantime. Also ruins my entire makeup I’m wearing. The other annoying thing about this is, that I often have to remove my contact lenses and wear my glasses for the rest of the day. Which I normally have no problem with, but in spring and early summer when it’s sunny outside, I really need my sunglasses otherwise I literally cannot see. My eyes are really sensitive to sunlight. I don’t know what’s the cause of these allergy attacks, they seem random, may very well be more than one thing to blame. However the allergy test I’ve got done came back with no results. It doesn’t happen every day, just in every few days. 

vision direct

So what do I do then? How can I reduce the symptoms? 

Well, I just received a Hay Fever Pack from Vision Direct to try out. It aims to ease hay fever symptoms, especially for those ones which contact lenses. Vision Direct specialises in eye care products, contact lenses, care products and more – the same brands you can buy in high street shops and for the same price. Although, the contacts I wear are a lot cheaper, if I order them online than at the opticians. It’s also very easy to reorder the same products again, just a few clicks. I’ve been ordering contacts online for about 10 years now which saved me a lot of money.


But back to the hay fever pack. I loved all the bits and pieces, all the very thoughtful picks like hand cleaning gel and some green tea. And vegan sweets! (I’ve never tried these before, they are yummy!) But the everclear eye drops were just great. Because they are designed for contact lens users, they help to lubricate and reduce dryness. I think they are also great for washing out the irritants like pollens or dust. It works as a quick and effective relief. 

vision direct

vision direct

What I liked about them:

  • Featuring a formula that includes natural and herbal ingredients
  • They cost less compared to other brands 
  • The positive effect lasts long
  • They can be used on a daily basis 

From now on I will be keeping one of these little bottles in my bag – not only during the hay fever season.


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