Ways to Get the Coastal Look in Your Home’s Interior Design

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We all love going on vacation, especially to the beach, and getting that relaxed vibe full of light, air, and space. After such a challenging past year or two with a global pandemic and many other issues taking up mental space, many of us crave a chilled-out vibe more than ever. 

You may find it tricky to get away as often as you’d like, but you can bring the beach to you by creating a coastal look for your property’s interior design. 

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Choose a Neutral Color Palette

One thing many coastal homes have in common design-wise is a base of neutral colors. When you stick with simpler hues in your property, you can allow the view to dominate, if you have one. 

Even if you don’t have a remarkable view of the coastline, a beachy abode goes well with pared-back neutrals because it gives a house a feeling of airiness and light and keeps things fresh. For your coastal home, you might like to stick to crisp white shades or calming creams or consider classic gray, soft sand, or other simple yet timeless neutral colors. 

Add Splashes of Color Here and There

With a neutral color scheme as your base, you can still add color to brighten up your beach house. Why not bring warmth and depth to your abode with shades reminiscent of the natural environment, such as sea-like blues and greens, earthy brown and terracotta hues, or pretty pastels. You could decorate with splashes of green that take inspiration from foliage along the coast, burnt orange that draws upon the rays of the sun, or even pinks or peaches from pretty coral pieces. 

You can add a pop of color to your design through the accessories you choose, such as cushions, artwork, bedding, lamps, and linen. You might also bring in dreamy hues with furnishings and textiles, such as couches, drapes, and rugs. 

Focus on User-Friendly Design

To get the coastal look in your home, think about making its design casual and user-friendly. Decorate with low-maintenance materials that are easy to clean and keep free of saltwater and sand. When we’re close to the beach, we typically like to chill out and enjoy fun times without worrying about lots of upkeep. As such, pick durable products that will deal well with high traffic and the elements.

For instance, concrete flooring is easy-care and nice and cool for those warm summer days. You could also select lightly colored hardwood boards. It’s best to avoid carpets in coastal homes, as they’re often harder to keep in good condition. It also pays to steer clear of fabrics such as velvet, suede, and satin, which are more high maintenance. Stick with textiles made from hardy, natural materials, like cotton, linen, jute, and bamboo. Other coastal-friendly options include wicker and rattan.  

You could opt for distressed-looking wooden coffee or dining tables, a weathered daybed with a machine-washable slipcover, and outdoor furniture built to last in the elements. Plus, ceiling fans are handy in beach houses since such properties generally get decent breezes. You may need to buy a low-profile ceiling fan for rooms with a view, though, so nothing distracts from the vista. 

Make Choices to Show Off Views

Speaking of which, if you’re lucky enough to have some stunning views from your property, ensure your home’s design is set out in ways that let you take fall advantage of what you get to look out upon. Whether you can see the ocean, an inlet, a big lake, bluff, or an array of foliage, make the most of this by finding ways to frame the outdoor view with windows and your furnishing choices. 

Usually, it’s necessary to pick lower furniture to position in rooms with great views, since you don’t want anything sticking up and obstructing your eye line. Another tip is to pick some of the hues you can see in your views and incorporate them into your property’s interior design. For instance, bring in some palm-tree green, sandy beige, or ocean or sky blues. This integration doesn’t have to be in large furniture or flooring or wall colors, either. You can highlight the colors seen outside in your accent purchases, especially drapes, rugs, cushions, bedding, napery, and artwork. 

Having a coastal property is something many of us dream about. When you make that dream a reality, top it off by designing your home in a way that suits its environment and the way you plan to use the house.

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