What Are The Best Months To Sell a House In California?

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It’s time for you to sell your home. It could be because of a change in your life or you might be unhappy with how your neighbourhood has changed. But is this the right time to do it or should you wait?

You may be tempted by the signs saying, “We buy homes for cash”, but you wonder if it would be a good time to put the house on the market. Are there certain months in California where you might be most successful. What about the opposite – are there slow months?

It’s always good to do research before diving into selling your home. Read on to learn more.

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What Are The Best Months?

This is not a blanket statement about California. There are certain parts of the state that have real estate activity during one particular month while others might be more stagnant. Still, trends have usually pointed to June being the best month.

Why is that? If people are moving, especially those with families, they want to be in their new place and set up before the school year begins. June is usually enough of a buffer to allow them to do that. If you want to do a fast sale, then you might want to aim for May, which will give the buyer even more time to get things in place.

What Are The Slowest Months?

Things always tend to slow down around the beginning of each year. January is typically the slowest month. This may be because people are trying to get back into the swing of things after the holidays and they may be watching their budget after all the gift buying.

As a general rule of thumb, the real estate market tends to be busiest during the spring and summer months and then tapers off during the fall and then largely becomes more dormant during the winter. Winter buyers really are serious about getting a place, though, and can usually get approved for things like financing.

Of course, there are times that circumstances dictate that you have to move ahead with trying to get someone to buy your home no matter what month it is. Either realtors or home-buying companies will do their best to work with you in those scenarios and will aim to get you a deal that works for both of you. Then you can start the next chapter of your home-owning experience.

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