What Can’t Be Missed When Traveling To Moscow?

Moscow, Russia

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I don’t know what will flash in your mind when mentioning Russia? Is it the domineering Putin, the resounding nickname of the “battle nation”, the vodka that must have a glass of vodka, or the familiar “Katyusha”? Russia is indeed a good place to travel, whether it is historical sites, museums in Moscow, St. Petersburg, the vast blue Lake Baikal, or Kamchatka with volcanoes and brown bears, or the stunning Trans-Siberian Railway. A great place not to be missed! But first, get your Russian invitation letter for your Russian visa

As the capital of Russia, Moscow is a huge and incredible city. The towers of the Kremlin wall shone with golden light in the sunset, the gravel road on the Red Square tells the history, the colourful onion-top church is not to be bored; the bright lights first turn Tverskaya Street into a lively car river; the theatre ends, Moscow People still talked and laughed and walked into the night; spring, summer, autumn and winter, four different scenery… No matter how many times you have seen it, every moment in Moscow will still surprise you.

Moscow, Russia

MoscowWalk on Red Square

The Red Square (Кра́сная пло́щадь) is a business card of Moscow and even Russia. Walking through it, you will deeply feel the unique temperament of this country. You will be amazed by the never-ending buildings such as the Basil Church. Although it looks very red, the name of the Red Square actually comes from the “beauty” in ancient Russian.

Entering from the north of the square, you can see the red Moscow State History Museum, the Kazan Cathedral with red multi-arched golden dome, the gorgeous GUM Department Store, and the square pyramid-shaped Lenin Tomb on the opposite side of GUM. Moving forward, you can see several colourful onions, which is another business card of Russia-St. Basil’s Cathedral on the moat. With the advent of winter, the Red Square has transformed into a playground and skating rink full of joy and laughter. Whether it is locals or travellers, it is fun to play with the accompaniment of traditional Russian folk songs.

MoscowAppreciate a ballet

Russian ballet is world-renowned, attracting batch after batch of pilgrims from all over the world. In addition to Tchaikovsky’s famous play “Swan Lake” (Лебеди́нное о́зеро), “Sleeping Beauty” (Спя́щая краса̐вица), “The Nutcracker” (Щелку́нчик), classic plays also include Ludwig Minkus (Ludwig Minkus) Don Quixote (Дон Кихо́т), Баяде́рка (Баяде́рка), Adolphe Adam’s Giselle (Жизели), and Aram Khachaturian’s Spartacus (Спарта́к) and so on. Walk into the Grand Theatre (Большо́й теа́тр) or Moscow Music Theater (МАМТ) with the locals to watch masterpieces and enjoy the dancing poems. This Moscow night can be considered complete.

MoscowVisit the Palace Moscow Metro

Many cities will have several decent, beautifully designed and unique subway stations, but a city like Moscow with so many underground palace-like subway stations is unique. Initially, the subway station functioned as an air-raid shelter, so it was dug particularly deep. Stalin believed that the subway should also serve the purpose of educating the people-his intention was probably achieved. Someone once said that if Dostoyevsky’s famous saying “beauty saves the world” is correct, then it must be the Moscow subway that saves the people of Moscow.

Most of the subway stations worth visiting are located in the city centre, such as Kiev Station (Киевская), which is the pinnacle of luxury decoration, Xinzhuang Station (Новослободская), which depicts ideals with coloured window glass, and the Komsomolsk, which will be blinded by golden light if you are not careful. Station (Комсомо́льская) and so on. Of course, there are more than just these good-looking subway stations. The Moscow subway will often bring you unexpected surprises.

Moscow, Russia

MoscowWalk around the museum

When you come to this artistic country, you must visit art galleries and museums. In the Tretyakov Art Museum and the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts (don’t miss the 19th-20th Century European and American Art Branch!), you can enjoy many masterpieces in art history, as well as icon paintings with Russian characteristics.

For literary fans, Moscow’s Tolstoy House Manor Museum, Chekhov’s House Museum, Pushkin National Museum, National Tolstoy Museum and other literary museums are definitely not to be missed. These museums are mostly rebuilt from the writer’s former residence. The exhibits usually include manuscripts, first editions, pens and papers used by the writer, pots and pans, clothes, pants, shoes and hats. The furnishings in the rooms are usually restored to the way the writer lived. , In order to study the home decoration pattern of the past era.

MoscowFlea Market

If you want to walk into the life of the locals, you might as well go to the weekend flea market. Get up early and go to the thrift market with the locals who are dragging a small trailer. The goods are dazzling, including Soviet crafts, small badges, Czech glass, Posters, daily necessities, clothes, jewellery, etc. In addition, the deserted parks on weekdays also become very lively on weekends. In Gorky Park, Falcon Park or any manor in the suburbs, you can see Muscovites walking, taking pictures, picnicking, and basking in the sun. The excitement lasts until the evening. In summer. The sun did not set until about nine o’clock in the evening. With the setting sun and the cool evening breeze, the Moscow night had just begun.

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