What Every Mom Needs in Her First Aid Bag

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It’s almost the season for outdoor games and picnics. The weather is not always clement, so most of us have probably left the summer dress and the sandals at the bottom of the wardrobe for now. However, it’s probably for the best! We can expect that everyone will rush outside as soon as it’s safe to do so (covid- and weatherwise). So, for the time being, parents can start preparing their summer first aid kit. So, let’s see what we can do at home to reduce the burden on our already overworked doctors! One word of warning, however, all serious health issues require medical assistance, so do not stay away from your GP because you are worried about being a burden. This article only focuses on the minor problems we can safely handle at home. 

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Wound treatment kit

What do you call a wound? Technically any cut, scratch, or irritation that damages the skin surface and underneath is a wound. Thankfully, not all injuries are serious. But they all require attentive care to prevent infection. It doesn’t need saying – but we’re saying it nonetheless – anything that doesn’t heal in due times or that requires specialist care will need to be referred to a doctor. Yet, as we get ready to tackle falls and scratches outdoors, the first item you need in y our first aid bag is a wound cleanser that can effectively protect the area from bacterial infestation. You don’t want to expose wounds to summer dust, dirt, and sweat! Once cleaned, a wound should be dressed appropriately. This can include plasters, hydrogel pads for BBQ burns, and even cloth dressing for delicate skin. 

Runny nose and puffy eyes

Itchy eyes, sneezing, and runny nose are some of the most frequent symptoms you can experience for minor environment-related allergic reactions. It is the season of hayfever, and the late blooming and pollinating weather means that hayfever sufferers need to brace for symptoms for the best part of the summer too. But hayfever isn’t the only issue. A lot of individuals can experience pollution-related asthma, which can be a late onset linked to outdoor pollution. It’s something you may want to test with an allergy kit test at home before making any wrong assumption. Thankfully, you can find a lot of allergy-reducing medicines that are available over the counter. You can also consider saline rinses to help cleanse sinuses. 

Little plant reliefs

Minor bruises, bumps, and small health complaints are unpleasant, but thankfully Mother Nature is full of goodness. Chamomile is a medicinal plant filled with anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. You can cure a knick on a finger by soaking it for a few minutes in a warm chamomile tea. Eucalyptus oil is fantastic to reduce sore joint pain. Finally, poor digestion and bloating issues can go away with a freshly made ginger tea or even some grated ginger sprinkled over your food. Knowing your way around plants can be a life saviour this summer! 

Are you ready to pack your first aid bag for the summer? There is so much we need to think about to remove some of the pressure on doctors. As mentioned above, you shouldn’t delay making an appointment for any wound or health complaints that fail to heal or appear too severe for home remedies. However, for the little things, you can solve most issues safely. 

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