What Is Brownfield Remediation?

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When it comes to creating a quality worksite, you can never forget about the health and safety measures. You want your staff to have a comfortable place where they have a better atmosphere for their tasks. Sometimes you need to seal a spot off for health reasons. Here are some things about brownfield remediation.

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What Is Brownfield Remediation?

Brownfield remediation is removing or sealing off points of contamination within a property to be used again without health concerns. There are many factors to monitor, and the site conditions vary due to pollution in the soil, air, or water.

Why Should You Care About Remediating a Brownfield?

Some brownfield sites may pose significant financial and environmental challenges for developers. However, they can also lead to better redevelopment opportunities. Redeveloping and reusing brownfields is imperative to both developers and communities because of the potential for economic progress.

Here are a few ways remediating can help your community in the long term:

  • Boosts the economic system with job creation
  • Can help eliminate health hazards by deposing contaminants
  • Increases property values
  • Common Brownfield Remediation Methods

Remediation methods depend on the type of contamination the land is experiencing and how they will use the property after it’s clean. Different companies work with clients to help them achieve their goals and create a safe site for them.

Here are some of the common methods of remediation:

  • Tank removal
  • Capping
  • Phytoremediation
  • Bioremediation
  • Lead and Asbestos abatement

If you’re unsure about what remediation strategy works best, you can look at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency site for more details on different methods.

Steps for Brownfield Remediation

A company like Mayfield Environmental has a quality staff to do risk management and remediation planning. They have experts in environmental, engineering, architectural, and construction services to help evaluate the site or building. They take further measures to locate potential funding sources and work with lenders, state/local governments, and the community to repurpose the contaminated site into facilities, neighborhoods, and businesses.

Experts evaluate the site conditions in two phases. They have environmental site assessments, hazardous material surveys, and to redevelop the property, they also consider the long-term damage that could happen.

Using a brownfield site can help you get the most out of wasteland to turn it into a productive resource for a community.

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