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What is The Average Cost of Exterior Painting?

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Going through print publications, as well as Pinterest or Instagram can get you excited and inspired when it comes to exterior painting and decorating. It all sound like fun and games while browsing the web but things can get serious when it comes to calculating the costs. Exterior decorating and painting is a job for professionals. So where to start?

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Cost factors

You may feel encouraged to pain the exterior of your house by yourself because it seems like a relatively simple job. Bear in mind that without the assistance of a professional there is a high risk of leaving the fronts with a patchy finish. This is the reason why exterior decorating in London and any other area should be performed by someone qualified.

How much does it cost to pain a house in the UK? An estimate price for painting a two-storey house is about £850. An actual expense may vary, as the key factors are the size of a building, exterior design, materials needed and the rates of painting team. Professionals all over the United Kingdom set different prices, depending on qualifications and area. The average cost of exterior decorating in London and other large cities may be slightly higher than in towns.

What needs to be done

The size and style of a house can drastically increase the costs of exterior painting. A professional painting of a terraced house may cost around £600, while the same job of a large detached house can value around £1,500. The state of exterior also plays an important role. Small fixings like filling the cracks or putting a new coat of render may sound like a quick and easy job, but in fact it much more bumps up the overall cost.

If your house has got more than one storey, you will probably need a scaffolding. Hiring the item is another £400-£600. You must also take into consideration the labour costs. Most exterior decorators and painters in London charge about £100-£200 per day, but once again – it may vary depending on skills and acquired qualifications. The simplest option is to find a team of professionals and ask for an individual pricing.


In order to achieve the best possible results, it is recommended to get in touch with painting and decorating experts. If you aim for long-lasting results, the job needs to be carried out by skilled professionals. The team will pay a visit to your house to assess the complexity of the job. Present your expectations, including the paint colour and finish, as well as all the necessary fixings. Based on that information, painters will determine a timeframe to complete the task.

Do not forget to ask about the preparation costs. Many professionals include them in overall costs, but make sure you will not encounter any additional spendings. The exterior walls surely need to be washed down before painting in order to remove flakes, dirt and debris. As far as the repairs are concerned, it is better to fix the wall before painting, because it is more difficult to do so once they have been already painted.

Average cost may vary, depending on many factors. It is recommended to contact professional exterior decorators and painters and ask for the pricing.

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